Amendments to Annex III of the Convention On The Prior Informed Consent Procedure For Certain Hazardous Chemicals And Pesticides In International Trade (listing of Methamidophos)

Filename: 9055-2015-AmendmentMethamidophos-1998-PriorInformedConsentHazardousChemicalsPesticides

RC-7/4: Listing of methamidophos in Annex III to the Rotterdam Convention


The Conference of the Parties,

Noting with appreciation the work of the Chemical Review Committee,

Having considered the recommendation of the Chemical Review Committee to make methamidophos subject to the prior informed consent procedure and accordingly to list it in Annex III to the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade,

Satisfied that all the requirements for listing in Annex III to the Rotterdam Convention have been met,

1. Decides to amend Annex III to the Rotterdam Convention to list the following chemical:

Chemical // Relevant CAS number(s) // Category

Methamidophos // 10265-92-6 // Pesticide

2. Also decides to delete the existing entry in Annex III for “methamidophos (soluble liquid formulations of the substance that exceed 600 g active ingredient/l)”;

3. Further decides that this amendment shall enter into force for all parties on 15 September 2015;

4. Approves the draft decision guidance document on methamidophos.