Protocol to the Convention between Finland and Sweden concerning reindeer in frontier districts

Filename: 1925-Protocol-1925-FinlandSwedenReindeer.EN.txt
Source: UNTS #1136 [Translation by the Secretariat of the League of Nations.]

Final Protocol to the Convention Between Finland And Sweden Concerning Reindeer In Frontier Districts

Source: UNTS #1136 [Translation by the Secretariat of the League of Nations.]

In connection with the signing today of the Convention concerning reindeer in frontier acts, the undersigned Representatives have agreed upon the following stipulations

(1) The officials responsible for carrying the provisions of this Convention into effect, and the frontier-district inhabitants, shall be entitled, on payment of the usual charges, to make of the postal, telegraph and telephone services and other means of communication available in the frontier district for the purpose of sending and receiving reports and writs of summons as provided in this Convention the Swedish authorities shall consider and carry into effect measures to link up at suitable points along the frontier, the Finnish and Swedish telephone lines serving the frontier districts in question.

(2) The inhabitants living near the frontier in the Enontekis district shall be allowed to proceed with their own reindeer or horses as far as the section of railway from Boden to the frontier for the purpose of disposing of their produce and making necessary purchases, such produce to be allowed entry into Sweden duty-free. Persons wishing to exercise the right to import goods into Sweden as provided above, must show the police authorities in Sweden a certificate issued by the sheriff (Lansmann) of the Enontekis district, stating on each occasion the quantity and nature of the goods to be imported and their place of origin. The only identity document necessary to enable the holder to stay in Sweden shall be a passport issued by the sheriff (Länsmann) and the Swedish authorities may not require these passports to be endorsed. The persons in question shall enjoy rights co-extensive with those of nationals as regards the use of pasture-land for feeding draft and pack reindeer used for transport purposes.

Similar rights shall be granted, subject to the above conditions, to the inhabitants of the Karesuando district in regard to the sale and purchase of goods in the district of Enontekis.

In faith whereof, the undersigned Representatives have drawn up the present Final Protocol, which shall be regarded as an integral part of the Convention.

Done in duplicate at Helsingfors, May 9, 1925

(L. S.) K. G. IDMAN.