Rovaniemi Declaration On The Protection Of The Arctic Environment

Filename: 1991-DeclarationProtectionArcticEnvironment.EN.txt

Declaration On The Protection Of The Arctic Environment


We, the Representatives of the Governments of Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States of America;

Meeting at Rovaniemi,Finland for the First Ministerial conference on the Protection of the Arctic Environment;

Deeply concerned with threats to the Arctic environment and the impact of pollution on fragile Arctic ecosystems;

Acknowledging the growing national and international appreciation of the importance of Arctic ecosystems and an increasing knowledge of global pollution and resulting environmental threats;

Resolving to pursue together in other international environmental fora those issues affecting the Arctic environment which require broad international cooperation;

Emphasizing our responsibility to protect and preserve the Arctic environment and recognizing the special relationship of the indigenous peoples and local populations to the Arctic and their unique contribution to the protection of the Arctic Environment;

Hereby Adopt the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy and commit ourselves to take steps towards its implementation and consider its further elaboration.

We commit ourselves to a joint Action Plan of the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy which includes:

Cooperation in scientific research to specify sources,indigenous peoples and to invite their organizations to future pathways,sinks and effects of pollution, in particular,oil,acidification,persistent organic contaminants,radioactivity,noise and heavy metals as well as sharing of these data;

Assessment of potential environmental impacts of development activities;

Full implementation and consideration of further measures to control pollutants and reduce their adverse effects to the Arctic environment.

We intend to assess on a continuing basis the threats to the Arctic environment through the preparation and updating of reports on the state of the Arctic environment, in order to propose further cooperative action

We also commit ourselves to implement the following measures of the Strategy:

Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme(AMAP) to monitor the levels of, and assess the effects of, anthropogenic pollutants in all components of the Arctic environment. To this end, an Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Task Force will be established. Norway will provide for an AMAP secretariat;

Protection of the Marine Environment in the Arctic, to take preventive and other measures directly or through competent international organizations regarding marine pollution in the Arctic irrespective of origin;

Emergency Prevention,Preparedness and Response in the Arctic,to provide a framework for future cooperation in responding to the threat of environmental emergencies;

Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna, to facilitate the exchange of information and coordination of research on species and habitats of flora and fauna.

We agree to hold regular meetings to assess the progress made and to coordinate actions which will implement and further develop the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy.

We agree to continue to promote cooperation with the Arctic indigenous peoples and to invite their organizations to future meetings as observers.

We agree to meet in 1993 and accept the kind invitation of the Government of Denmark and the Homerule Government of Greenland to hold the next meeting in Greenland.

Wherefore,we,the undersigned Representatives of our respective Governments,recognizing its political significance and environmental importance,and intending to promote its results, have signed this