Indian Ocean Fishery Commission

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Council of FAO Resolution 2/48, 23 June 1967 (This Commission was developed by a Council Resolution and is not an official treaty, agreement, or convention)



Noting that the Indian Ocean is an area as yet inadequately served by international fishery bodies;

Noting further that the need for collective action for the development and rational utilization of the fishery resources of the area had been established;

Considering that the Committee on Fisheries, after a thorough examination of the situation, recommended at its Second Session the establishment of a fishery body to cover the Indian Ocean and further recommended that such body be established under Article VI-1 of the Constitution.

Hereby establishes under Article VI-1 of the Constitution of the Organization a commission to be known as the "Indian Ocean Fishery Commission", the statutes of which shall be as follows:

1. The Commission's area of competence shall be the Indian Ocean and adjacent seas but excluding the Antarctic area.

2. The terms of reference of the Commission shall be:

a. to promote, assist and co-ordinate national programs over the entire field of fishery development and conservation;

b. to promote research and development activities in the area through international sources, and in particular international aid programs;

c. to examine management problems with particular reference, because of the need to take urgent action, to those relating to the management of offshore resources.

3. Membership in the Commission shall be open to all Member Nations and Associate Members which notify the Director-General of the Organization of their desires to be considered as members.

4. The Commission may establish such subsidiary bodies as it deems necessary for the accomplishment of its task, and in particular to deal with special problems arising in subdivisions of its area of competence subject to the availability of the necessary funds in the relevant chapter of the approved budget of the Organization; the determination of such availability shall be made by the Director-General. Before taking any decision involving expenditure in connection with the creation of subsidiary bodies, the Commission must have before it a report from the Director-General on the administrative and financial implications thereof.

5. The Commission shall report and make recommendations to the Conference through the Director-General of the Organization it being understood that copies of its reports, including any conclusions and recommendations, will be circulated to interested Member Nations and Associate Members, and international organizations, for their information as soon as they become available.

6. The Commission may adopt and amend its own rules of procedure which shall come into force upon approval by the Director-General, subject to confirmation by the Council.

7. Other statutory provisions, and in particular the participation as observers of Member Nations and Associate Members that are not members of the Commission, of non-member nations of the Organization that are members of the United Nations, and of international organizations shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the principles adopted by the Conference.