Amendments to the Agreement for the Establishment of a Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in Southwest Asia

Filename: 2000-Amendments-1963-DesertLocustSouthwestAsia.EN.txt

Amendments to the Agreement for the Establishment of a Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in Southwest Asia

Source:, downloaded 20141215

"At its Twenty-second Session (21 September 2000), the Commission adopted further amendments to the Agreement. The amendments were approved by the FAO Council at its Hundred and Twenty-first Session (October-November 2001 – 1 November 2001) and entered into force immediately."

The Commission members AGREED by consensus to propose the following changes:

PREAMBLE Line 5: the name of the Commission should be changed to "FAO Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in South-West Asia". The reason for the change was that the existing name was too long and cumbersome.

PREAMBLE Line 8: the name of the Islamic Republic of Iran should be used, instead of Iran. I.R. Iran was the name now officially accepted and used by FAO.

PREAMBLE Line 9: There should be a full stop after Pakistan, and the words "and any territory adjacent to the above countries". Should be deleted. The phrase was no longer applicable as the composition and territories of the Commission countries were stable.

ARTICLE II, Item 1, Line 1: the words "and/or between members" should be added after Secretary.

ARTICLE II, Item 1, Line 4: the words "in London" should be replaced by "at FAO, Rome" and be followed by a full stop, with the rest of the sentence deleted. Neither the Service in London, nor the Anti-Locust Research Centre, existed anymore.

ARTICLE II, Item 2, Line 1: the words "to control plagues" should be replaced by "for preventive control". The Commission is concerned with preventive control of Desert Locusts such that plagues will be less likely to develop, and not only with plague control.

ARTICLE III, Item 2, L 3/4 et seq.: the Commission AGREED that given the small number of member countries, being only four, and the fact that the persons participating in the Executive Committee were the same individuals who participated in the Session itself, it was not necessary to have a separate Executive Committee. The text of the Establishment Agreement should be amended to reflect this and the functions of the Executive Committee should be included with those of the Commission.

ARTICLE V, Item 5, Line 2: the words "once a year" should be replaced with the words "once every two years in calm periods and at least once a year during Desert Locust upsurges".

No other changes were deemed necessary by the Commission. It was RECOMMENDED that the Secretariat should check the wording with the FAO Legal Office and then follow the established procedure to put the proposed changes to the FAO Council for its approval.