Agreement On The Joint Regulations On Fauna And Flora

Filename: 1977-JointRegulationsFaunaFlora.EN.txt
Source: B7 p. 977:9

Agreement on the Joint Regulations on Fauna and Flora

Source: B7 p. 977:9


The Governments:

of the United Republic of Cameroon

of the Republic of Niger

of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

of the Republic of Chad.

With view to reach the objectives of the Convention and Statute of 22nd May, 1964 establishing the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC);

Conscious of the economical, and nutritional importance as well as the ecological meaning of the Member States and their values in the scientific, educational, recreational and aesthetic fields;

Determined to promote measures ensuring the conservation of the renewable natural resources in the interest of the populations of their states and to secure the development and the rational management of the said resources on the basis of an optimal permanent profit;

Recognizing the importance and the urgency to ensure the protection of animal and vegetal species threatened or in danger of dying out so as to ensure the preservation of as many natural habitats as possible, whether unique of representative and to regulate the trade of specimens and trophies;



ARTICLE 1: Protected species.

The member States will collaborate with the Commission to prepare a joint list of protected species based on the annex of the African Convention of 1968 on the preservation of nature and natural resources, permitting this the adoption of joint regulations aiming at establishing a common policy and especially eliminating differences existing between the Member States on the degree of protection enjoyed by common species on their respective territories.

ARTICLE 2: Traffic of specimens and Trophies.

On the basis of a common list of protected species and in accordance with Article 1, the Commission shall establish a common regulation in order to:

(a) prevent the trade of captured or illegally killed, specimens and trophies obtained illegally;

(b) recommend to member States the use of a common certificate for the transport or transit of the specimens and trophies on their territories;

(c) this certificate can be delivered only when the specimens and trophies are legally obtained.

ARTICLE 3: Hunting of reptiles.

No one shall be authorized to hunt reptiles described in the table below having dimensions inferior to the one indicated in the table:

Description of the Reptiles - Dimensions [Editor's Change]

Varanian (Varanus griseus) (Varanus niloticus) - 20 cm ventral width

Python (python sebae) - 1.5 m total length

Crocodile (crocodilia) - 20 cm ventral width measured between the horny scales on the two sides.


All hunting offences especially poaching shall be punished in each member State according to the regulations in force in the State concerned.

ARTICLE 5: Integral fauna and flora reserves.

In view of preserving the fragile ecosystem species around Lake Chad, the Commission shall proceed, without delay, to study the classification of integral fauna and flora reserves in which the protective measures laid down in the harmonized regulations of members States shall be applied.


ARTICLE 6: Methods and means of fishing.

The member States agree under a joint regulation to take the necessary measures to forbid the use of the fishing methods listed:

(a) firme-arms and explosives, electrical appliances, poison, drugs, noxious products or polluting material;

(b) construction of dykes, dams or other obstacles to fish migrations;

(c) furthermore, they shall see to the regulations of fishing net dimensions; not less than 35 mm knot to knot.

Member States also agree to forbid or regulate the use of fishing gear and fishing methods in certain areas or during certain times of the year.


However these methods can be used for scientific purposes on authorisation of the competent department:

ARTICLE 8: Improvement of fish resources.

The member States agree to spare no effort to improve:

the fishing means and methods;

fish processing;

the conservation of fish products;

fish marketing; system of fishery co-operatives.

ARTICLE 9: Fishing Statistics.

Member States agree to organizing and operating services specializing in the collection, analysis and distribution of statistical data on fisheries, in order to have precise idea of fish potential and its rational exploitation in definite places.

ARTICLE 10: Import and Export of Fish.

Member States shall regulate the import or export of live fish, or their eggs, or other aquatic animals.

ARTICLE 11: Pollution.

Member States shall undertake to forbid pollution of fishing waters by any substance, and untreated waste products from flora.


ARTICLE 12: Customary Rights.

Customary rights of use enjoyed by farmers should be limited to the secondary forestry products and food products. Article 12 will be afterwards examined by experts and lawyers after customary analyses and regulations in each Member State.

ARTICLE 13: Common Regulation.

Member States shall establish a common regulation to:

(a) forbid or regulate bush fires, cutting away of branches and mutilation;

(b) forbid cultivation or other works in wooded lands or on soils under restoration;

(c) forbid or regulate the import or export of vegetal species.

ARTICLE 14: Species.

The varieties which appear on the list annexed to this agreement should be protected and regenerated.

ARTICLE 15: Jurisdiction.

This Agreement is valid exclusively within the Conventional Basin.

In witness whereof, we, the heads of state of the Lake Chad Basin Commission have signed this agreement.

Done at enugu, this 3rd day of December, 1977.


Scientific Names [TAB] Common Names {Editor's Change]

Acacia senegal [TAB] Gum Tree

Butyrospermum parkii [TAB] Karite

Borassus aethiopium [TAB] Palmyra

Khaya senegalensis [TAB] Khaya

Bombax buonopozonse [TAB] Kapok

Pterocarpus erinaceus [TAB] Vene

Acacia albida [TAB] Gao

Tamarindus indica [TAB] Tamarind Tree

Parkia biglobesa [TAB] Nere

Hyphaene thebaica [TAB] Pal-tree

Andasonia digitata [TAB] Baobab-tree

Balanites aegyptieca [TAB] Balantines

Purpursca birrea

Acacia scorpioides-gonakie

Parinari macrophyla