Amendments To The Schedule To The International Convention For The Regulation Of Whaling, Special Meeting

Filename: 1977-AmendmentsScheduleSM-1946-Whaling.EN.txt

Amendments To The Schedule To The International Convention For The Regulation Of Whaling Of 2 December 1946

Source:, 20050208

The amendments read as follows:

(A) Paragraph 7

Add new sub-paragraph:

"(d) Geographical boundaries in the North Pacific:

(1) Western Division:

- West of a line from the ice edge south along the 180° meridian of longitude to 180°, 50°N, then east along the 50°N parallel of latitude to 170°W, 50°N, then south along the 170°W meridian of longitude to 170°W, 40°N, then east along the 40°N parallel of latitude to 160°W, 40°N, then south along the 160°W meridian of longitude to the equator;

(2) Eastern Division:

- East of the line described in (1)."

(B) Paragraph 11

Amend to read (new wording italicised):

"Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 8 the taking of 10 humpback whales not below 35 feet (10.7 metres) in length per year is permitted in Greenland waters provided that whale catchers of less than 50 gross register tonnage are used for this purpose, and the taking of gray whales, and of bowhead whales from the Bering Sea stock, by aborigines or a Contracting Government on behalf of aborigines is permitted, but only when the meat and products of such whales are to be used exclusively for local consumption by the aborigines and further provided, with respect to the Bering Sea stock of bowhead whales that:

(a) In 1978, hunting shall cease when either 18 have been struck or 12 landed;

(b) It is forbidden to strike, take or kill calves or any bowhead whale accompanied by a calf."

(C) Table 2, Northern Hemisphere

Amend to read (changes italicised):


[TAB] Males [TAB] [TAB] Females [TAB]

[TAB] Classification Catch limit Classification Catch limit

North Pacific

Western Division [TAB] SMS [TAB] 2,987 [TAB] SMS [TAB] 784

Eastern Division [TAB] IMS [TAB] 2,118 [TAB] IMS [TAB] 555

North Atlantic


[TAB] Classification [TAB] Catch limit

[TAB] SMS [TAB] 685"

(D) Paragraph 17

Add new sub-paragraph:

"(c) It is forbidden to take or kill any sperm whale over 45 feet (13.7 metres) in length in the North Pacific Ocean and dependent waters south of 40° North latitude during the months of March to June inclusive."