Convention Relating To The Development Of The Lake Chad Basin

Filename: 1964-DevelopmentChadBasinConvention.EN.txt
Source: Revue juridique et politique (Paris), XlXth year, No. 2 (April-June 1965), p . 306-307

Convention Relating To The Development Of The Chad Basin

Source: Revue juridique et politique (Paris), XlXth year, No. 2 (April-June 1965), p . 306-307

The Federal Republic of Cameroun, the Republic of Niger and the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Having noted the Charter of the United Nations Organisation of 26th June 1945;

Having noted the resolution of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Organisation relating to the international co- operation in the regulation and use of waters, especially No. 417 (XIV) of 2nd January, 1952, 553 (XVIII) of 2nd August, 1954, 559 (XXXI) of 3rd May, 1956 and 675 (XXXV) of 2nd May, 1958;

Having noted the Charter of the Organisation of African Unity of 25th May, 1963;

Recognising the need to formulate principles for the utilisation of the resources of the Chad Basin for economic ends, including harnessing of the waters,

Considering that Member States of the Organisation of African Unity have resolved to co-ordinate and intensify their co-operation and efforts to achieve a better life for the people of Africa;

Considering that as the projects formulated by the High Contracting Parties for the utilisation of the Chad Basin waters are capable of modifying its system and in consequence its exploitation by other Member States, it is desirable to set up a Commission for the purposes of preparing general regulations, co-ordinating the research activities of Member States, examining the schemes prepared by the latter, recommending a plan with a view to the realisation of studies and works in the Chad Basin and, in general, maintaining contacts between the Member States,

Resolved to conclude a Convention for the purpose of achieving the foregoing objectives;

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1

There shall be set up under the present Convention a Chad Basin Commission hereinafter referred to as "The Commission".

Article 2

The Statutes appended hereto shall form an integral part of this Convention.

Article 3

1. This Convention shall be subject to ratification by the Member States;

2. The instruments of ratification shall be deposited with the Chad Government who shall notify the other Member States thereof;

3. This Convention shall enter into force upon the receipt by the Chad Government of the last instrument of ratification.

Article 4

The present Convention shall, after ratification, be deposited by the Chad Government with the Secretariat of the Organisation of African Unity and registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations Organisation.

Article 5

Each of the Member States may terminate the present Convention upon the expiry of a period often years to run from its entry into force. Termination shall be effected in the form of a written notice transmitted to the Executive Secretary of the Commission who shall acknowledge receipt thereof. Such notice of termination shall take effect one year after the date of acknowledgement of receipt unless such notice has been withdrawn beforehand. Unless agreed to the contrary, such notice shall not be prejudicial to any commitments entered into concerning a studies or works programme which has been agreed upon before the notice of termination.

Article 6

The Convention and Statutes appended hereto may be revised upon the written application of at least two Member States, transmitted to the Secretariat of the Commission. Any project for revision shall be approved by all the Member States and shall take effect six months after the date of its adoption.

Article 7

Any dispute concerning the interpretation of implementation of the present Convention, which has not been determined by the Commission, shall be submitted to the Commission of Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration of the Organisation

Article 8

1. The English and French texts of the present Convention shall be equally authentic.

2. The working languages of the Commission shall be if possible African languages, English and French.

In Faith Whereof, the plenipotentiaries of the High Contracting Parties, having communicated their full powers in good and due form, have signed the present Convention.