IEADB Dataset: Current Version of all IEADB Dataset Files

This page lists the 4 .csv files that contain the primary elements of the IEADB database:

  • db_allfiles_2022.tar.gz -- this is a single zipped file containing the PRIOR YEARs files. It is NOT the most recent version of the database but may be useful for some purposes. (Download 7-zip here to unzip)
  • db_countries.csv -- a mapping of all country name variants to the single country name used by the IEADB
  • db_country_traits.csv -- various country traits (region, UN membership, country codes, and the like) to allow linkage to other datasets
  • db_members.csv -- for each IEA, the dates on which any country signed, ratified, or had an IEA enter into force
  • db_treaties.csv -- list of Agreements, Protocols, and Amendments contained in the IEADB and corresponding meta-data, including IEA id#, name, signature and entry into force date, agreement type (MEA/BEA), etc.
  • Coming soon: Stata code to combine these files and prepare them for analysis in Stata or to export Stata files to other formats
File Archive Date Sizesort descending
db_countries.csv 2022-07-25 57.83 KB
db_country_traits.csv 2022-07-25 99.09 KB
db_allfiles_2022.tar.gz 2022-04-05 2.81 MB
db_treaties.csv 2022-07-25 5.3 MB
db_members.csv 2022-07-25 43.56 MB