Agreements by Subject

Subject IEA ID# (click for add'l info) Signature Year Signature Date Treaty Name Treaty Text Members Agreement Type (level 2) Lineage Sequence in lineage Data Articles, etc. Secretariat UNEP Info
Energy/Nuclear/Pollution/Wastes 1497 1977 1977-07-01 Agreement Between The United States Energy Research And Development Administration And The Swedish Nuclear Fuel Supply Company (Ab Svensk Karnbrenslefors Orjning) Concerning A Cooperative Program On Radioactive Waste Storage In Deep Geologic Formations Members Agreement Not Yet Assigned 100.000 Secretariat not yet identified
Nature/Pollution/Wastes/Territory 1529 1996 1996-03-22 Agreement Between The Ministry Of The Environment Of The Republic Of Estonia And The Ministry Of The Environmental Protection Of The Republic Of Lithuania On The Control Of Transboundary Movements Of Hazardous Wastes Between Estonia And Lithuania Members Agreement Not Yet Assigned 100.000 No known secretariat
Pollution/Wastes/FreshwaterResources/Region 2492 1996 1996-07-16 Agreement Between Egypt And The European Investment Bank For Financing The Waste Water Treatment Project In The Zone Of Aljabal Al-Asfar Members Agreement Not Yet Assigned 100.000 European Investment Bank