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The objective of this Agreement is to facilitate trade in live animals and animal products between the Community and New Zeala nd by establishing a mechanism for the recognition of equivalence of sanitary measures maintained by the two Parties consistent with the protection of public and animal health, and to improve communication and cooperation on sanitary measures. This Agreement shall not apply to sanitary measures related to food additives, sanitary stamps, processing aids, flavours, irradiation (ionisation), contaminants, transport, chemicals originating from the migration of substances from packaging materials, l abelling of foodstuffs, nutritional labelling, medicated feeds and premixes. Nothing in this Agreement or in the Annexes shall limit the rights or obligations of the Parties pursuant to the Agreement establishing the World Trade Organisation and its Annexes, and in particular the SPS Agreement. A joint management committee consisting of representatives of the Parties shall be established, which shall consider any matters relating to the Agreement and shall examine all matters that may arise in relation to its implementation. In Annex are set the rules for responsible authorities, diseases for which regionalization decisions can be taken, regionalization and zoning, guidelines on procedures for conducting an audit, certification, frontier checks and inspection fees and outstanding issues. With reference to the Agreement between the European Community and New Zealand on sanitary measures applicable to trade in live animals and animal products, New Zealand has the honour to propose to apply the provisions concerning veterinary checks and fees provided for in Articles 10 and 11 (together with Annex VIII) on a provisional basis with effect from 1 January 1997. The European Community has the honour to acknowledge receipt of the letter and to propose that all existing health certification conditions applicable as at 31 Dec ember 1996 to trade in live animals and animal products laid down in the European Community veterinary legislation and relevant New Zealand legislation continue to apply until the entry into force of the Agreement in conformity with the provisions of the second subparagraph of Article 18 (1) thereof and to confirm the Agreement of the European Community to the terms of New Zealand's letter.; FAO Descriptors: 110; 086; 503
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Agreement Between The European Community And New Zealand On Sanitary Measures Applicable To Trade In Live Animals And Animal Products
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LEX-FAOC019270; bi-19270.doc; CELEX-EUR Official Journal L 057, 26/02/1997 pp. 0005 - 0059.
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Agreement Between The European Community And New Zealand On Sanitary Measures Applicable To Trade In Live Animals And Animal Products
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