Agreement between the governments of the Caspian states on cooperation in the field of transport

Agreement among the Governments of the Caspian littoral States on Cooperation in the Field of Transport


The Governments of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan, hereinafter referred to as the Contracting Parties,

Guided by the desire to comprehensively develop friendly, good neighbourly relations among the Caspian littoral States and their peoples,

Emphasizing the importance of cooperation among the Caspian littoral States in the field of transport for the development of trade and economic relations,

Seeking to join efforts and to organize close and mutually beneficial cooperation among the Caspian littoral States in the establishment and development of international transport corridors,

Recognizing the importance of developing transport infrastructure, further improving the quality of transport services and creating favourable conditions for the operation of all modes of transport moving passengers and goods between the States of the Contracting Parties, and for transit through their territories,

Bearing in mind the importance of multimodal transport for improving the efficiency of transport chains,

Taking into account bilateral and multilateral transport-related treaties concluded between and among the Caspian littoral States, which are based, inter alia, on generally recognized principles and norms of international law,

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1

The Contracting Parties, based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit, shall cooperate in the field of transport in the Caspian Sea region in accordance with this Agreement, arrangements made between and among the Caspian littoral States, and generally accepted international norms, as well as the legislation of their States.

Article 2

The purpose of this Agreement is to promote cooperation among the Contracting Parties in shaping up and developing the Caspian Sea region as a major international transport and logistics hub with a well-developed infrastructure and a high level of their interaction in the area of international transport operations.

Article 3

For the purpose of implementing this Agreement, the Contracting Parties shall:

1) Facilitate further development of maritime, road, railroad, air and multimodal transport services among the States of the Contracting Parties and transit traffic on the basis of ensuring equal and mutually beneficial terms of access of carriers and shippers to transport infrastructure facilities and of their use for loading and unloading cargo, embarking and disembarking passengers, conduct of regular commercial operations and the use of services;

2) Jointly develop and implement measures to facilitate the development of freight traffic among the Caspian littoral States, as well as to attract additional transit freight traffic, including traffic passing through transport terminals;

3) Facilitate the development of passenger traffic, especially regular operations, as well as international cruise ship services;

4) Cooperate on issues of ensuring safety and security of passengers and goods transported between the Caspian littoral States and through their territories;

5) Facilitate communication between carriers and shippers, the development of attractive tariff arrangements, including in the framework of international transport corridors, and the harmonization of long-term and through rates to increase the volume of freight traffic;

6) Cooperate in the area of training and upgrading skills of transport professionals;

7) Facilitate the application and updating of existing procedures of advance notification of incoming shipments, either bilateral or transit;

8) Provide assistance in the establishment of transport and logistics centres at key passenger and freight traffic routes;

9) Promote the development of international transport corridors running through the territories of the States of the Contracting Parties and facilitate the organization of traffic via such corridors, as well as participation in joint construction and infrastructure improvement projects therein;

10) Develop and implement measures to ensure proper maintenance of infrastructure of international transport corridors in the territories of their States;

11) Promote projects in the areas of development, modernization and integration of transport infrastructure in the region, and encourage investments in those projects;

12) Facilitate, in accordance with the legislation of their States and agreements reached, simplification of visa, administrative, customs and other control procedures in conducting international transport operations;

13) Facilitate the improvement of quality and accessibility of transport services on the basis of generally recognized international standards;

14) Cooperate in the areas of scientific research, the use of scientific achievements and advanced technologies in the field of transport, and the development of intelligent transport systems;

15) Cooperate in the area of reducing negative impact of transport on the environment.

Article 4

1. The Contracting Parties shall consider issues related to the implementation of this Agreement in the framework of regular meetings of the Ministers of Transport of the Caspian littoral States held alternately, normally in the English alphabetical order, in the territories of the States of the Contracting Parties within time frames agreed upon via diplomatic channels.

2. In the framework of such meetings, the Contracting Parties may establish, as necessary, joint working groups to consider specific issues of their pentalateral cooperation in the field of transport.

3. For the purpose of implementing this Agreement, the Contracting Parties may conclude international agreements on specific issues of transport cooperation in the Caspian Sea region.

Article 5

Each Contracting Party shall bear its own costs associated with the implementation of this Agreement, unless the Contracting Parties agree otherwise.

Article 6

Provisions of this Agreement shall not affect rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties arising from other international treaties to which their States are parties.

Article 7

Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted as predetermining the outcome of negotiations on the legal status of the Caspian Sea.

Article 8

No reservations to this Agreement shall be allowed.

Article 9

Any disputes related to the interpretation or application of the provisions of this Agreement shall be resolved through consultations and negotiations among the Contracting Parties.

Article 10

1. Provisions of this Agreement may be amended or supplemented by mutual consent of the Contracting Parties.

2. Amendments and supplements to this Agreement shall be an integral part thereof and shall be made in separate protocols entering into force pursuant to Article 12 of this Agreement.

Article 11

The Republic of Kazakhstan shall be the Depositary of this Agreement.

Article 12

1. This Agreement shall enter into force on the thirtieth day following the date of receipt by the Depositary of the last written notification of the completion by the Contracting Parties of their internal procedures necessary for its entry into force.

2. This Agreement shall be of indefinite duration. Each of the Contracting Parties may withdraw from this Agreement by notifying the Depositary in writing of its intention. For that Contracting Party this Agreement shall remain in force for twelve months from the date of receipt

by the Depositary of such notification.

Done at Aktau on 12 August 2018 in one original copy in the Azerbaijani, Farsi, Kazakh, Russian, Turkmen and English languages, all texts being equally authentic.

In case of any disagreement, the Contracting Parties shall refer to the English text.

The original copy of this Agreement shall be deposited with the Depositary which shall transmit its certified copies to the Contracting Parties.

For the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan

For the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

For the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

For the Government of the Russian Federation

For the Government of Turkmenistan