Amendment to Article XIV.A of the Statute of The International Atomic Energy Agency (replacement of "annual" with "biennial")

Filename: 9006-AmendmentBiennial-1956-StatuteInternationalAtomicEnergyAgency.EN.txt-IEA#3593

Amendments To Article XIV.A of The Statute Of The International Atomic Energy Agency


Resolution adopted on 1 October 1999 during the ninth plenary meeting

The General Conference,

Having considered the proposal for amendment of Article XIV.A of the Agency’s Statute submitted by Slovenia as contained in Annex 2 to document GC(43)/24 in accordance with Article XVIII.A of the Statute,

Having also considered the report and recommendation of the Board of Governors on the proposal for amendment contained in document GC(43)/24, which constitutes the Board’s observations on the amendment submitted in accordance with Article XVIII.C(i) of the Statute,

Approves the aforesaid amendment to replace the word “annual” with the word “biennial” in the first sentence of Article XIV.A of the Statute.