Technical Cooperation Committee for the Promotion of Development and Environmental Protection of the Basin (TECCONILE)

nformation on TECCONILE is spotty and vague but much can be found at; Dates in particular are based solely on the year as identified in this document. "The 1992 TECCONILE Project: Ministers responsible for water affairs in the Nile Basin (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda) met in Kampala, Uganda in December 1992 and agreed that future co-operation on water resource matters should be pursued for a transitional period under the name "Technical Co-operation for the Promotion of the Development and Environmental Protection of the Nile Basin" (TECCONILE). An Agreement was signed by Ministers from six countries (Egypt, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and the now Democratic Republic of Congo). The other four countries (Burundi, Kenya, Eritrea and Ethiopia) participated as observers. A Council of Ministers of water affairs COM was formed with a technical committee acting as the steering committee for this framework. Within this framework, in 1995, the Nile River Basin Action Plan (NRBAP) was prepared, which included 22 technical assistance and capacity building projects …. TECCONILE was established as a transitional scheme for a period of three years with the hope that on the expiry of the period a permanent basin-wide institution would be established. … TECCONILE was in fact an offshoot of Hydromet and was strongly technical in its focus, so much so that major riparians like Ethiopia were discouraged from joining as fully-fledged members."