Amendments To The Agreement On The International Dolphin Conservation Program, (amending Annex I, adopted at Meeting #29)

Filename: 2014-Amendments-1998-DolphinConservation.EN.txt

Amendment Of Annex I Of The Agreement (Resolution A-14-01, adopted at Lima (Peru) On 8 July 2014)

Source:, downloaded 20150215

The Parties to the Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program (AIDCP):

Recognizing the need to harmonize the northern and southern boundaries of the Agreement Area, as defined in Annex I of the Agreement, with those of the area of application of the Antigua Convention (“the Convention Area”), as defined in Article III of the Convention,

In accordance with the provisions of Article XXX, paragraph 3, of the Agreement,

Resolve as follows:

In Annex I (a), replace “40°N parallel” with “50°N parallel” and in Annex I, (b) and (c), replace “40°S parallel” with “50°S parallel”.