Agreement Amending Article 22 of the Treaty Of The Southern African Development Community

Filename: 2007-Amendment-1992-SouthernAfricanDevelopmentCommunity.EN.txt

Agreement Amending Article 22 Of The Treaty Of The Southern African Development Community

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WE, the Heads of State or Government of:

The Republic of Angola

The Republic of Botswana

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Kingdom of Lesotho

The Republic of Madagascar

The Republic of Malawi

The Republic of Mauritius

The Republic of Mozambique

The Republic of Namibia

The Republic of South Africa

The Kingdom of Swaziland

The United Republic of Tanzania

The Republic of Zambia

The Republic of Zimbabwe

NOTING that the Treaty of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as amended, herein referred to as "the Treaty" entered into force on 17 August 1992;

DESIRING to implement the Treaty;

RECOGNISING that Article 22 of the Treaty dealing with Protocols requires amendment;

HAVE AGREED, pursuant to Article 36 of the Treaty, to effect the following amendment:


In this Agreement, terms and expressions defined in Article 1 of the Treaty shall bear the same meaning unless the context otherwise requires.



Article 22 of the Treaty is amended by:

(a) inserting the following new sub-articles after the existing sub-article 10:

"11. An amendment to any Protocol that has entered into force shall be adopted by a decision of three-quarters of the Member States that are parties to the Protocol.

12. A proposal for the amendment of the Protocol shall be submitted to the Executive Secretary by any Member State that is party to the Protocol.

13. The Executive Secretary shall submit a proposal for amendment of the Protocol to Council after:

(a) all Member States that are parties to the Protocol have been notified of the proposal; and

(b) thirty days have elapsed since notification to the Member States that are parties to the Protocol."

(b) renumbering the existing "sub-article 11" to be "sub-article 14".


This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of its adoption by three-quarters of the Members of the Summit.


1. The original texts of this Agreement shall be deposited with the Executive Secretary of SADC, who shall transmit certified copies to all Member States

2. The Executive Secretary shall register this Agreement with the Secretariat of the United Nations Organisation and the Commission of the African Union.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, WE, the Heads of State or Govemment or our duly authorized representatives, have signed this Agreement.

Done at Lusaka, Republic of Zambia this day of August 2007 in three (3) original texts in the English, French and Portuguese languages, all texts being equally authentic.

Republic of Angola // signed

Republic of Botswana // signed

Democratic Republic of Congo // signed

Kingdom of Lesotho // signed

Republic of Madagascar // signed

Republic of Malawi // signed

Republic of Mauritius // signed

Republic of Mozambique // signed

Republic of Namibia // signed

Republic of South Africa // signed

Kingdom of Swaziland // signed

United Republic of Tanzania // signed

Republic of Zambia // signed

Republic of Zimbabwe // signed