Amendments to the Statute of the Committee for Coordination of Investigations of the Lower Mekong Basin

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Committee for Coordination of Investigations of the Lower Mekong Basin Statute

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As adopted at the meeting 17 September 1957 of the Preparatory Committee of the four Governments and amended 31 October 1957 at the first session of the Committee for Coordination and approved by the participating Governments, and amended 2 August 1962 and March 1972.

Chapter I. Establishment of the Committee

The Committee for Coordination of Investigations of the Lower Mekong Basin (hereinafter called the Committee) is established by the Governments of Cambodia., Laos, Thailand and the Republic of Vietnam (hereinafter called the participating Governments), in response to the decision taken by the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (hereinafter called the Commission) at its thirteenth session. By this decision reported in paragraph 277 of the Commission's annual report for the period 15 February 1956 to 28 March 1957, the Commission endorsed the wish of the participating Governments that secretariat studies relating to the development of the Lower Mekong Basin, namely, the area of the drainage basin of the Mekong River situated in the territory of the participating Governments, be continued jointly with the participating Governments. The participating Governments have set up the Committee to perform the functions contained in the present Statute.

Chapter II. Organization

Article 1

1. The Committee shall be composed of four members.

2. Each participating government will appoint one member with plenipotentiary authority and such alternates, experts and advisers as it desires.

Article 2

The chairmanship of the Committee shall be held in turn by the members of the Committee, the alphabetical order of the member countries. Each members shall hold office for one year.

Chapter III. Co-operation with the Secretariat of the Commission

Article 3

In accordance with the decision of the Commission at its thirteenth session, the Secretariat of the Commission shall co-operate with the Committee in the performance of the latter's functions.

Chapter IV. Functions

Article 4

The functions of the Committee are to promote, coordinate, supervise and control the planning and investigation of water resources development projects in the Lower Mekong Basin. To these ends the Committee may:

(a) prepare and submit to participating Governments plans for carrying out coordinated research, study and investigation;

(b) make requests on behalf of the participating Governments for special financial and technical assistance and receive and administer separately such financial and technical assistance, and take title to such property, as may be offered under the technical assistance program of the United Nations, the specialized agencies and friendly Governments, or other organizations;

(c) draw up and recommend to participating Governments criteria for the use of the water of the main river for the purpose of water resources development;

(d) employ on behalf of the participating Governments, personnel to assist the Committee in the performance of it's functions.

Chapter V. Sessions

Article 5

1. Subject to the provisions of this Statute, the Committee shall adopt its own rules of procedure.

2. Meetings of the Committee shall be attended by all participating Governments.

3. Decisions of the Committee shall be unanimous.

4. The Executive Secretary of the Commission or his representative may at any meeting make either oral or written statements concerning any questions under consideration.

Chapter VI. General provisions

Article 6

The Committee shall submit reports to participating Governments and annually to the Commission. Such reports, or summaries thereof, may be made available to other Governments and international organizations on the recommendations of the Committee.

Article 7

The Committee may invite representatives of Governments and of specialized agencies to attend meetings of the Committee in the capacity of observers.

Article 8

1. It is understood that, while in all technical matters which are within the competence of this Committee, the participating Governments shall act through this Committee, the stipulations contained in this Statute shall not in any way effect, supersede or modify any of the agreements which are presently in force or which may be hereafter concluded between any of the interested Governments relating to the Mekong River.

2. Amendments to the present Statute which may be proposed by any participating Government, shall be examined by the Committee and shall take effect when approved by all participating Governments.