Amendment to the List Of Substances In Annex II To The Convention On The Prevention Of Marine Pollution By Dumping Of Wastes And Other Matter (deletion of organosilicon compounds)

Filename: 1986-Amendment-1972-MarinePollutionDumpingWastesOtherMatter.EN.txt

Amendment To The List Of Substances Contained In Annex II To The London Dumping Convention

Source:, downloaded 20121223

["These amendments were formally rejected in 1989" and never entered into force - Secretariat note.]


RECALLING Article I of the Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Wastes and Other Matter, which provides that Contracting Parties shall individually and collectively promote the effective control of all sources of pollution of the marine environment,

NOTING that in accordance with Article XV of the Convention amendments to the Annexes of the Convention shall be based on scientific or technical considerations,

HAVING CONSIDERED the proposed amendments to Annex II of the Convention and the scientific background material thereto brought forward by the Scientific Working Group on Dumping,

RECALLING its procedure for preparation and consideration of amendments to the Annexes to the London Dumping Convention (LDC Res.10(V)) by which Consultative Meetings approve amendments in principle and designate a future Consultative Meeting at which the amendment will be considered with a view to formal adoption;

1. AGREES to approve in principle the deletion of "organosilicon compounds" from the list of substances set out in Annex II to the Convention;

2. INVITES Contracting Parties to indicate in writing to the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization if they do not expect to be in a position to adopt formally the amendment at the Consultative Meeting designated for formal adoption;

3. DESIGNATES the Twelfth Consultative Meeting to be held on 1989 for formal adoption of the above amendment; and

4. INSTRUCTS its Scientific Group on Dumping to continue the review of results of studies on the impact of organosilicon compounds on the marine environment and human health and to report immediately if harmful effects have been found.