Protocol of Experts Meeting to draft Agreement Between the Governments of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, and the Republic of Uzbekistan on Comprehensive Use of Water and Energy Resources of the Naryn Syr Darya Cascade Reservoirs in 2001 (for the Toktogul Reservoir Operation between Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan)

Filename: 2001-Protocol-1998-WaterEnergyResourcesNarynSyrDaryaCascadeReservoirs.EN.txt

 Protocol of Experts' Joint Working Meeting to Develop a Draft Agreement between the Governments of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan and Republic of Uzbekistan on Use of Naryn-Syr Darya Cascade's Water and Energy Resources in 2001

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Attended by:

From the Republic of Kazakhstan:

Ramazanov, l.M. Head of Kazakh Delegation Chairman, Committee of Water Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, RK

Bertisbaev, N.B. Head, Department of Electric Power and Solid Fuels, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, RK

Dosanov, B.M. Head, Division of Regional Problems, Committee on CIS Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RK

Kusherbaev, J.E. President, SC "Kyzyl Ordinskaya REK"

Kim, V.V. Deputy General Director, Kazakhstanenergo

Akizhanov, K.B. Head of Division, Department of International Law and Protocol, Ministry of Justice, RK

Idrisov, E.S. Head, Division of Industry and Construction, Budget Department, Ministry of Finance, RK

Sadykov, M.T. Acting Head, Department of Tax Law Development, Ministry of Finance, RK

Zaitseva, S.V. Head Specialist, SC "KEGOK", RK

From the Kyrgyz Republic:

Davydov, I.A. Vice-General Director, SC Kyrgyzenergo

Mamatisaev, A Deputy General Director, SC Kyrgyzgas

Koshmatov, B.T. Deputy Minister, General Director of Water Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management, KR

Tentimishev, M.I. Aide, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KR

Tungatarov, B.O. Second Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KR

From the Republic of Tajikistan:

Nazriev, M. First Deputy Minister of Reclamation and Water Management, RT

Isaev, K.G. Chief Specialist, Division of Relations with CIS Countries, Executive Apparat under President, TR

Petrov, G.N. Energy Minister's Aide

Nazarov, A.G. Head, Department of External Economic Relations, SHC Barki Tochik

From the Republic of Uzbekistan:

Jalalov, A.A. First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Water Management, RU

Tolmachev, G.M. First Deputy Minister of Energy, RU

From International Agencies:

Mambetov, B.E. Deputy Chairman, Executive Committee, Interstate Council

Sekimov, B.Sh. Chief Expert, Executive Committee, Interstate Council

Khamidov, M.Kh. Head of BVO Syr Darya

1. The meeting participants noted:

1.1 As for 3/15/2001 The Toktogul water storage was 9.04 billion m3, that is by 2.4 billion m3 less against this time of 2000, and it will make still less by 1 April, this year, decreasing to 8.5 billion m3.

Due to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan's failure to meet full obligations conformable to the adopted intergovernmental agreements the thermal power plants could not ensure preset electricity loads during the past fall-winter time, that resulted in extra loading of the Naryn cascade's hydropower plants, Toktogul extra water releases and drawdown (0.9 billion m3). Moreover, the extra reservoir drawdown made up 2.7 billion m3 considering fuel delivery disruptions of 1999-2000 fall-winter seasons.

Kazakhstan undersupplied coal - in November-December 2000 it supplied only 4 thousand out of the planned 50 thousand.

In the first Quarter of 2001 Uzbekistan actually delivered 113 million m3 of natural gas instead of 230 million m3 held out, and did not supply 32.6 thousand tons of fuel oil specified by the Agreement for 2000. As for diesel fuel, deliveries are not launched yet. (In the first Quarter Uzbekistan had to supply 7.1 tons, and the total intended supply is 19.8 tons).

9 billion m3 of water are forecasted into the Reservoir in the forthcoming growing season according to the preliminary hydrological estimates.

If to take into account that extra 2.5 billion m3 of irrigation water releases are needed in summer for the Syr Darya Basin, then, by fall-winter of 2001 Toktogul water storage will be no more than 11.5 billion m3, or by 2.2 billion m3 less than for the same time of 2000.

1.2 To accumulate and store full amount of water in Kairakkum Reservoir by 31 May 2001, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan entered into a conformable intergovernmental agreement (2/03/2001), which the Parties are implementing.

2. Kazakh, Tajik and Uzbek delegates hold:

2.1.1 To supply the Syr Darya water users in summer, 2.5 billion m3 extra releases of water from Toktogul are required, exceeding Kyrgyz internal power-based needs, with the following average monthly water discharges:

June 241 m3

July 400 m3

August 300 m3

If to keep to those releases, then the Kairakkum inflow will be as much as average amounts for the past two years, and the releases from it will make up:

June 500 m3

July 650 m3

August 650 m3

September 300 m3

2.2 To ensure the mentioned releases from Toktogul Reservoir, 2200 million kWh of electricity generated by the Naryn Cascade of Hydropower Plants as an extra amount of the Kyrgyz internal needs should be accepted by the energy systems of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan by equal shares (1,100 million kWh each). The vegetation water will be also supplied to the Kazakh part of the Dostyk Canal (700 million m3), not less than 2,500 million m3 of water will flow in Shardara Reservoir.

3. The Kyrgyz Party deems that provided the proposed summer schedule, accounting for power supply of the country in the forthcoming fall-winter season Toktogul Reservoir will be drawn down to the dead storage; this will cause great electricity and capacity deficiency "accompanied' by loss of regulating capability in the energy system of Central Asia. Under these conditions normal power supply will be breached in the country. To maintain sustainable power supply for the forthcoming fall-winter time the vegetation electricity transfers this year should not exceed 1.3 billion kWh, with 1.5 billion m3 of extra water releases above internal use (3.5 billion m3). Thus, under small-water conditions in 2001:

3.1 Uzbekistan should provide guaranteed deliveries:

- 700 million m3 of natural gas in Quarters 2-4;

- 19.8 thousand tons of diesel fuel for March-April;

- 32.6 thousand tons of fuel oil for the Bishkek TES and Osh TES, before 1 June;

- guaranteed natural gas deliveries (525 million m3) for the country residents.

3.2 Kazakhstan should deliver:

- 338 thousand tons of Karaganda coal for the Bishkek TES in Quarters 2-3;

- fuel oil, of $1.1 million, in May-July;

- 46 thousand of Karaganda coal - on account of debt for 2000.

3.3 Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan together with Kyrgyzstan, before 15 April this year, should settle the issue of pumping, in summer, 300 million m3 of natural gas in the Poltoratskoye and Akyr Tobe gas storages for the Bishkek TES, this gas is delivered from "Uztransgas" to "Kyrgyzenergo".

4. Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Parties deem that the water amount proposed by the Kyrgyz Party is not sufficient to meet irrigation needs, and it creates acute deficiency of water resources in Low Syr Darya.

5. The Tajik Party suggests it should be considered in accordance with the operating Agreement on Joint Use of Water and Energy Resources of the Naryn-Syr Darya Cascade of Reservoirs, of 17 March 1998, with Protocol of 17 June 1999 added that the Kazakhstani Party should compensate water deliveries during the vegetation season from Kairakkum Reservoir by seasonal electricity transfers in agreed amounts, and by sharing activities associated with accumulation and storage of 3,418 million m3 of water till 31 May 2001.

6. Considering the fact, that the Parties did not reach the agreement, to make proposals and elevate them to the own Governments, before 25 March 2001, on the issues related to water releases from Toktogul Reservoir in summer 2001 and fall-winter 2001-2002.