Agreement For The Conservation Of Fauna And Flora In The Amazonian Territories Of The Federative Republic Of Brazil And The Republic of Peru

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Agreement for the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Amazonian territories of the Federative Republic of Brazil and of the Republic of Peru

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Signed at Lima on 7 November 1975 between Brazil and Peru


The Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the Government of the Republic of Peru,

Considering the desirability of promoting the closest collaboration between the two countries in the pursuit of rational policies for the conservation of the flora and fauna of their respective Amazonian territories so as to ensure the rational development of their economic potential;

Convinced that bilateral co-operation in matters relating to supervision and control is essential in order to guarantee the effectiveness of conservation measures;

Have agreed on the following provisions:

Article I

The Federative Republic of Brazil shall designate the Brazilian Institute for Forestry Development and the Republic of Peru shall designate the General Bureau of Forestry and Fauna of the Ministry of Agriculture, as the agencies of the two Governments, whose aim shall be to exchange information regularly concerning guidelines, programmes and legal texts relating to the conservation and development of animal and plant life in the Amazonian territories of the two countries.

Article II

In addition, they shall promote the exchange of information obtained from research by the two Parties, with a view to gathering the basic data for the proper management of the renewable natural resources of those territories, inter alia, by the establishment of representative reserves of the various ecosystems and biogeographical units.

Article III

Bearing in mind the above-mentioned goals, the Contracting Parties shall pro mote meetings of technicians which shall, as far as possible, work out uniform guidelines in respect of:

(a) total or partial bans, whether temporary or not, on the collection for scientific purposes of endangered species of flora and fauna, and a total or partial ban, whether temporary or not, on hunting;

(b) use of chemical biological control methods;

(c) preservation of forests and other forms of natural vegetation which may deserve special treatment because of their ecological characteristics;

(d) introduction of exotic species into the Amazon region.

Article IV

The meetings referred to in the preceding article shall be arranged through the diplomatic channel at the request of either Government and shall take place in the country on whose initiative the meeting is called.

Article V

The two Governments, in the spirit of co-operation which inspired this Agreement and pursuant to the Convention on nature protection and wildlife preservation in the western hemisphere, of 1940,' and the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora, of 1973, 2 to which Peru and Brazil are signatories, undertake to curb the import into or transit through their respective territories of natural products, originating in either Party, the export of which is banned in the territory of that Party.

Article VI

With a view to the preservation and possible industrial use of species of Amazonian flora and fauna of scientific interest or of possible economic value, the signatories to this Agreement shall encourage studies for the establishment, in their territories, of experimental stations and artificial nurseries for animals and plants.

Sole Paragraph. The term artificial nursery shall mean an area especially prepared and delimited, and equipped with its own facilities, which provides suitable conditions for the reproduction and development of the species of flora or fauna.

Article VII

This Agreement shall enter into force as soon as the Contracting Parties are informed, by means of notes, that the necessary formalities have been completed.

Article VIII

This Agreement shall be of indefinite duration and shall remain in effect for six months following the date of its denunciation, in writing, by either Contracting Party.

DONE in the city of Lima, on 7 November 1975, in two copies, in the Portuguese and Spanish languages, both copies being equally authentic.

For the Government of Brazil:


Minister for Foreign Affairs

For the Government of the Federative Republic of the Republic of Peru:


Minister for Foreign Affairs