Amendments To The Schedule To The International Convention For The Regulation Of Whaling, Sixty-Second Meeting

Filename: 2010-AmendmentsScheduleM62-1946-Whaling.EN.txt

Amendments to the Schedule of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling, 1946

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At the 62nd Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission held in Agadir, Morocco from 21-25 June 2010, no modifications were made to the provision for zero catch limits for commercial whaling with effect from the 1986 coastal and the 1985/86 pelagic seasons.

The following amendments to the Schedule of the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling are therefore necessary (changes in bold italics type):

Paragraphs 11 and 12, and Tables 1, 2 and 3:

Substitute the dates 2009/2010 pelagic season and 2010 coastal season for 2010/11 pelagic season and 2011 coastal season as appropriate.

In addition at IWC 62 the Commission agreed, by consensus, a proposal which will 1) reduce the number of fin whales struck by aborigines from the West Greenland stock; 2) reduce the number of minke whales struck by aborigines from the West Greenland stock and 3) to establish a new strike limit for humpback whales taken by aborigines from the West Greenland stock.

This agreement requires changes to Table 1 and to paragraph 13 (b) 3, including the addition of a new sub-paragraph 13 (b) 3 (v). A complete copy of the revised Schedule is included with this communication with changes highlighted in bold italic type.

In accordance with Article V of the Convention, these amendments become effective with respect to each Contracting Government ninety days following the date of this letter, unless any Contracting Government lodges an objection, in which case the procedure under Article V, paragraph 3 of the Convention will be followed.

The ninety days period will expire on 13 October 2010. In the absence of objections by that date the amendments will become effective. Contracting Governments will be notified accordingly.

Contracting Governments are reminded that Article V paragraph 3 of the Convention requires them to acknowledge receipt of this notification of amendments. In order to encourage compliance with this requirement, a form of acknowledgement is attached, to be completed and returned by post, fax or-email as is most convenient.