Amendments To The Agreement On The International Dolphin Conservation Program, (amending Annex II, Annex IV (I), adopted at Meeting #10)

Filename: 2003B-Amendments-1998-DolphinConservation.EN.txt

 Amendments to Annex II and Annex IV (I) of the Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program

Source:, downloaded 20120420

The following amendments were adopted on 11 October 2003 at the 10th meeting of the Parties.

Annex II:


10. No observer shall be assigned to a vessel with a DML unless the vessel's fishing captain is on the list of qualified captains maintained in accordance with Annex VII, paragraph 1(e).

Annex IV (I):


8. No DML shall be assigned to a vessel unless, in the last year that it had a DML prior to the year in which it is applying for a DML, at least 5 percent of the total number of the sets made by the vessel were on dolphins, and the average catch of yellowfin in its sets on dolphins was at least three metric tons per set. Otherwise, the vessel cannot receive a DML in the following year, unless there are reasons of force majeure, as agreed pursuant to Annex IV of this Agreement, that prevented it from complying with these requirements. A vessel applying for a DML for the first time shall not be subject to this provision.