Protocol to the Convention respecting the Liquor Traffic in the North Sea

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Protocol To The Convention Respecting The Liquor Traffic In The North Sea

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Whereas it appears from the communications which have been received by the Government of the Netherlands that the Government of the French Republic is not at present in a position to proceed to the ratification of the Convention which was signed at the Hague on the 16th November 1887, for remedying the abuses arising from the traffic in spirituous liquors amongst the fishermen in the North Sea outside territorial waters, the undersigned Plenipotentiaries of Great Britain, of Germany, of Belgium, of Denmark, and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, having met in conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Hague this 14th day of February 1893, and being duly authorised to that effect have agreed as follows:

1. The above-mentioned Convention shall be brought into force by the other signatory Governments, namely, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands, six weeks after they shall have exchanged the ratifications thereof.

2. The power of adhesion accorded by Article X. of the said Convention for non-signatory States is extended to France.

3. In modification of Article XI. of the Convention the periods of five years and twelve months are respectively reduced to one year and to three months.

4. The present protocol, which shall be ratified at the same time as the Convention to which it refers, has been drawn up in five copies.

(Signed) Horace Rumbold.

(Signed) K. de Rantzau.

(Signed) Baron D'Anethan.

(Signed) C. M. Viruly.

(Signed) W. Tienhoven.