Amendments To The Agreement For The Establishment Of A Commission For Controlling The Desert Locust In The Near East (Central Region)

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Amendment To The Agreement For Controlling The Desert Locust In The Central Region

Source: and See also: Editor's note: numbers are paragraph numbers in report. The text of the amendment itself is contained in paragraph 14 below.

8. The CCLM recalled that the Agreement for the Establishment of a Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Near East had been approved by the Forty-fourth Session of the FAO Council (July 1965) under Article XIV.2(a) of the FAO Constitution and submitted to Members for acceptance. In accordance with Article XIX.1 thereof, the Agreement entered into force on 21 February 1967.

9. The CCLM observed that the objectives of the Agreement include planning and promoting joint actions for the survey and control of the desert locust in the Region wherever required as well as, when adequate resources are available, assisting national, regional or international action relating to the control or survey of the desert locust.

10. The CCLM noted that the Agreement was amended in 1977 and subsequently in 1995. Among the amendments made in 1995, the name of the Commission was changed to "Agreement for the Establishment of a Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in the Central Region" to reflect the enlargment of its field of action.

11. The CCLM further noted that the Commission, at its Twenty-fourth Session (April 2004) had proposed, in conformity with Article XIV of the Agreement, that Article IX of the Agreement be amended so that the number of the members of the Executive Committee of the Commission be increase to 7. The Commission was of the opinion that, in view of the increased Commission's membership, the amendment would allow greater efficiency in carrying out the Commission's functions.

12. The CCLM recalled that, as concerns the financial aspect of the proposed amendment, Article XIII.2 of the Agreement provides that "Expenses incurred by the representative of each Member of the Executive Committee when attending sessions of the Executive Committee shall be borne by the Commission" and that Article XIII.1 establishes that "The expenses of the Commission shall be paid out of its budget…".

13. The CCLM finaly observed that Article XIV.3 of the Agreement provides that: "Any amendment… shall require the approval of the Council of the Organization unless the Council considers it desirable to refer the amendment to the Conference of the Organization for approval".

14. The CCLM concluded that the proposed amendment was acceptable from a legal point of view and recommended that the following text be submitted to the Council for approval:

"Article IX - The Executive Committee

1. There shall be an Executive Committee composed of seven Members of the Commission, elected by the Commission at each of its regular sessions. Members of the Executive Committee shall be eligible for re-election. The representative of each Member of the Executive Committee should preferably be a locust specialist. The Chairman of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the Commission from amongst the representatives of Members of the Committee. He shall hold office until the next regular session of the Commission and shall be eligible for re-election."