Protocol 4 To Third ACP-EEC Convention On Bananas

Filename: 1984-Protocol4-1984-ThirdACP-EEC.EN.txt

Protocol 4 To Third Acp-Eec Convention On Bananas

Source: Unofficial Text,, accessed February 15, 2006

The Community and the ACP States agree to the objectives of improving the conditions under which the ACP States' bananas are produced and marketed and of continuing the advantages enjoyed by traditional suppliers in accordance with the undertakings of Article I of this Protocol and agree that (appropriate measures shall be taken for their implementation.

Article 1

In respect of its banana export s to the Community markets, no ACP State shall be placed, as regards access to its traditional markets and its advantages on those markets, in a less favourable situation than in the past or at present.

Article 2

Each of the ACP States concerned and the Community shall confer in order to determine the measures to be implemented so as to improve the conditions far the protection and marketing of bananas. This aim shall be pursued through all the means available under the arrangements of the Convention to financial, technical, agricultural, industrial and regional cooperation. The measures in question shall be designed to enable the ACP States, particularly ' Somalia, account being taken of their individual circumstances, to become more competitive With on their traditional market s and on the markets of the Immunity. Measures will be implemented at all stages from production to consumption and will cover the following fields in particular:

- improvement of conditions of production and enhancement of quality through action in the areas of research, harvesting, packaging and handling;

- internal transport and storage;

- marketing and trade promotion.

Article 3

For the purpose of attaining these objectives, the two parties hereby agree to confer in a permanent joint group, assisted by a group of experts, whose task shall be to keep under continuous review any specific problems arising from application of this Protocol in order to suggest solutions.

Article 4

Should the banana-producing ACP States decide to set up a joint organization for the purpose of attaining the objectives of this Protocol, the Community shall support such an organization and shall give consideration to any requests it may receive for support for the organization's activities which fall within the scope of regional schemes under the heading of financial and technical co-operation.