Protocol to the Agreement On Reciprocal Access To Fishing In The Skagerrak And The Kattegat

Filename: 1966-Protocol-1966-ReciprocalAccessFishingSkagerrakKattegat.EN.txt

Protocol To The Agreement Between Denmark, Norway And Sweden On Reciprocal Access To Fishing In The Skagerrak And The Kattegat

Source:, and UNTS 1967, pp. 320ff.

In connexion with the signing at Copenhagen this day of an Agreement between Denmark, Norway and Sweden on reciprocal access to fishing in the Skagerrak and the Kattegat, the Contracting Governments make the following declaration:

The Governments of the three countries are agreed that if, before the Agreement comes into force, any of the Contracting States makes changes in its fishery limits in the area to which the Agreement relates, the said State shall not object if vessels of the other two countries continue to engage in fishing in the said area to a distance of four nautical miles (1 nautical mile = 1,852 metres) from the baseline of the territorial sea. This obligation shall cease if the Agreement does not come into force within two years after the changes are made.

DONE at Copenhagen on 19 December 1966 in one copy in the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish languages, which copy shall be deposited in the archives of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The said Ministry shall transmit a certified copy of the Protocol to each of the Contracting States.

For the Government of Denmark: J. O. KRAG

For the Government of Norway: B. AUGDAHL

For the Government of Sweden: R. BAGGE