Agreement between the government of the Kingdom of Norway and the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Repubics on co-operation in the fishing industry

Agreement Between The Government Of The Kingdom Of Norway And The Government Of The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics On Co-Operation In The Fishing Industry


Signed at Moscow on 11 April 1975; Came into force on 11 April 1975 by signature, in accordance with article VI.

The Government of the Kingdom of Norway and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,

Bearing in mind the need to take measures to ensure the conservation, rational use and reproduction of the living resources of the sea,

Recognizing the responsibility and obligation of the Parties in the matter of the adoption, of effective measures to conserve the living resources of the North-East Atlantic Ocean,

Reaffirming their support for co-operation between the parties to the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Convention of 1959,2

Desiring to create a basis for the further development of existing mutual co-operation between the Parties ki matters of common concern relative to fisheries, including the exchange of iaformation and experience,

Paying special attention to the importance of scientific research for the purpose of maintaining a steady harvest of the living resources of the sea, and desiring to co-ordinate their activities in this area,

Having regard to the Agreement of 19 May 1972 between the two countries concerning economic, industrial, scientific and technical co-operation,

Wishing to develop a«d strengthen good-neighbourly relations between the two countries, have decided to conclude the following Agreement:

Article I. The Contracting Parties agree to promote co-operation on a basis of reciprocity and within the framework of their national legislation, concerning practical problems in the matter of fisheries, and shall consult each other on such problems, paying special attention to measures for the conservation and rational use of the living resources of the sea and to the co-ordination of scientific research on this subject within the area covered by the North-East Atlantic Fisheries Convention of 1959.

Within the framework of their national legislation the Contracting Parties shall conduct a mutual exchange of information of fishing statistics and the results of fisheries research, and shall exchange experience on matters relative to the development of fisheries, fishing methods, fish processing technology and methods of increasing fish stocks.

Article II The Contracting Parties shall contribute to co-operation between interested organizations, associations aad enterprises in the fishing industry in matters of mutual interest.

Article III. 1.To assist in implementing this Agreement, the Contracting Parties shall establish a Mixed Commission.

2. After this Agreement has entered into force, each Contracting Party shall appoint one representative and one alternate representative to the Commission, and shall communicate their names to the other Contracting Party.

3. The Mixed Commission shall meet at least once a year, alternately in the territory of each Contracting Party, and the over-all expenses of the organization of a session shall be borne by the Party m whose territory the session is held.

Article IV. 1. The Mixed Commission shall consider all questions arising in connexion with the implementation of the provisions of this Agreement, draw up plans for the development of the co-operation covered by the Agreement, organize consultations and, as necessary, draft proposals and recommendations for its Governments.

2. The Mixed Commission shall consider such other questions as may be referred to it by the two Contracting Parties.

Article V. Nothing in this Agreement shall effect the rights, existing or future claims or legal opinions of the Contracting Parties regarding the nature and scope of their fisheries jurisdiction.

Article VI. This Agreement shall enter into force at the time of its signature. It shall remain in force until denounced by one of the Contracting Parties upon not less than six months notice.

DONE at Moscow on 11 April 1975, in duplicate in the Norwegian and Russian languages, both texts being equally authentic.

For the Government of the Kingdom for Norway [EiviND BOLLE]

For the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: [A. A. ISJKOV]