Agreement Amending The Agreement Establishing The South Pacific Commission

Filename: 1978-Amendment-1947-SouthPacificCommission.EN.txt

Agreement amending the Agreement establishing the South Pacific Commission of 6 February 1947

Source: Unofficial Text

(a) That the present first sentence of paragraph 66 of Article XXI be replaced by the following:

"Any Government, the territory of which is within the territorial scope of the Commission as defined in Article II and which is either fully independent or in free association with a fully independent Government may accede to this Agreement, if it is invited to do so by all the participating Governments, by depositing an instrument of accession with the Government of Australia.";

(b) in the first paragraph of the preamble delete the words and brackets "(hereinafter referred to as 'the participating Governments'),";

(c) in Article II, paragraph 2(b), of the Agreement delete the words "any State, the Government of which accedes to this Agreement" and insert in their stead the words "any Government which accedes to this Agreement";

(d) add after paragraph 66 a new paragraph 67 to Article XXI reading as follows:

"The Governments which have from time to time become parties to this Agreement shall be known as 'the participating Governments.'"; and

(e) the existing paragraphs 67 and 68 are renumbered 68 and 69 respectively.