Financial Protocol Annexed To The Convention For The Establishment Of A European Organisation For Nuclear Research

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Financial Protocol Annexed to the Convention for the Establishment of a European Organisation for Nuclear Research

Source: Unofficial Text

THE STATES parties to the Convention for the Establishment of a European Organization for Nuclear Research (hereinafter referred to as "the Convention"),

DESIRING to make provision for the financial administration of the said Organization,

HAVE AGREED as follows:

ARTICLE 1 : Budget

(1) The financial year of the Organization shall run form the first of January to the thirty-first of December.

(2) Each Director-General shall not later than the first of September in each year submit to the Council for consideration and approval detailed estimates of income and expenditure for the following financial year.

(3) Estimates of income and expenditure shall be divided under general headings. transfers within the budget shall not be permitted except by authority of the Finance Committee referred to in Article 3. The exact form of the estimates shall be determined by the Finance Committee on the advice of the Directors-General.

ARTICLE 2 : Supplementary Budget

The Council may require a Director-General to present supplementary or revised budget estimates of circumstances make it necessary. No proposal involving additional expenditure shall be deemed to be approved by the Council until it has approved an estimate submitted by the appropriate Director-General of the additional expenditure involved.

ARTICLE 3 : Finance Committee

(1) The Finance Committee, established by paragraph 12 of Article V of the Convention, shall be composed of representatives of all Member States.

(2) The Finance Committee shall, in reaching its decisions, follow the rules for voting and quorum prescribed for the Council in Article V of the Convention.

(3) This Committee shall examine the budget estimates of the Directors-General, after which they shall be transmitted to the Council with the Committee's report thereon.

ARTICLE 4 : Contributions

(1) For the period ending on the thirty-first of December, 1954, the Council shall make provisional budgetary arrangements, which shall be met by contributions as provided for in paragraph (1) of the Annex to this Protocol.

(2) For the financial years 1955 and 1956, approved budget expenditure shall be met by contributions from Member States, which shall be assessed in the same proportions as the percentage figures set out in paragraph (2) of the Annex to this Protocol, it being understood that he provisos mentioned in (i) and (ii) of sub-paragraph 1 of Article VII of the Convention shall apply.

(3) From the first of January, 1957, approved budget expenditure shall be met by contributions from Member States as provided for in Article VII of the Convention

(4) When any State, whether on becoming a member of the Organization or later, first participates in a programme of activities, the contributions of the other Member States concerned shall be reassessed and the new scale shall take effect as from the beginning of the current financial year. Reimbursements shall be made, if necessary, to ensure that the contributions paid by all the Member States for that year are in conformity with the new scale.

(5) (a) The Finance Committee shall in consultation with the Directors-General determine the terms on which payments in respect of contributions shall be made consistently with the proper financing of the Organization.

(b) Each Director-General shall thereafter notify Member States of the amount of their contributions and of the dates on which payments shall be made.

ARTICLE 5 : Currency of Contributions

(1) The budget of the Organization shall be expressed in the currency of the country in which the seat of the Organization is established.

(2) The Council shall, by a two-thirds majority of all the Member States, determine the payments arrangements and the currency or currencies in which the contributions of the Member States shall be made.

ARTICLE 6 : Working Capital Funds

The Council may establish working capital funds.

ARTICLE 7 : Financial Rules

After consultation with the Finance Committee, the Council shall, by a two-thirds majority of all the Member States, adopt rules for the financial administration of the Organization, which shall constitute the Financial Rules.

ARTICLE 8 : Accounts and Auditing

(1) Each Director-General shall keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements.

(2) The Council shall appoint auditors who will serve for three years in the first instance and may be reappointed. The auditors shall examine the accounts of the Organization, particularly in order to certify that the expenditure has conformed, within the limits specified in the Financial Rules, to the provisions made in the budget, and shall discharge such other functions as are set out in the Financial Rules.

(3) Each Director-General shall furnish the auditors with such information and help as they require to carry out their duties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The undersigned representatives, having been duly authorized thereto by their respective Governments, have signed this Protocol.

Done at Paris, this first day of July, 1953, in the English and French languages, both texts being equally authoritative, in a single original, which shall be deposited in the archives of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the Director-General of which shall transmit a certified copy to all signatory and acceding States and to all other States which took part in the Conference for the organization of studies concerning the establishment of a European Nuclear Research Laboratory.