ASEAN Resolution On Sustainable Development

Filename: 1987-ASEANResolutionSustainableDevelopment.EN.txt


Source: Unofficial Text

The Deputy Minister of Development of Brunei Darussalam, the State Minister for Population and the Environment of the Republic of Indonesia, the Minister of Science, Technology and the Environment of Malaysia, the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources of the Republic of the Philippines, the Minister for the Environment of the Republic of Singapore, and the Minister of Science, Technology and Energy of the Kingdom of Thailand, in a meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 29-30 October, 1987

Hereby Resolve

I. That ASEAN member countries adopt the principle of sustainable development to guide and to serve as an integrating factor in their common efforts.

II. That ASEAN cooperative efforts be focused upon those common resources and issues that affect the common well-being of the peoples of ASEAN, including, but not be limited to:

* the common seas;

* land-resources and land-based pollution;

* tropical rain forests;

* air quality; and

* urban and rural pollution.

III. That ASEAN cooperation should encompass governments and government agencies as well as the private business sector. professional associations, educational and academic institutions and non-governmental organizations.

IV. That in affirming this Resolution, the ASEAN Environment Ministers are aware that the pursuit of sustainable development would be best served by the establishment of a regional body on the environment of sufficient stature whose task should include, but not be limited to:

(a) recommending policy guidelines on the implementation of the principle of sustainable development;

(b) facilitating the incorporation of environmental considerations into the programmes and activities of ASEAN committees;

(c) monitoring the quality of the environment and natural resources to enable the periodic compilation of ASEAN state of the environment reports; and