Protocol Of Termination To The Convention On The Conservation Of The Living Resources Of The Southeast Atlantic

Filename: 1990-ProtocolTermination-1969-SouthEastAtlanticFisheries.EN.txt


Source: Unofficial Text

The Contracting Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of the Living Resources of the Southeast Atlantic concluded in Rome on 23rd October 1969, which entered into force on 24th October 1971;

Recognizing that important events have taken place which influence the objectives of the Convention:

Considering that these events have reduced the practical effect of the Convention to a degree which is incompatible with the pursual of its activities;

Bearing in mind the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties concluded at Vienna on 23rd May 1969 and, in particular, Article 54 of that Convention entitled "Termination of or withdrawal from a treaty under its provisions or by consent of the parties" which provides that:

"The termination of a treaty or the withdrawal of a party may take place:

(a) In conformity with the provisions of the treaty; or

(b) At any time by consent of all the parties after consultation with the other contracting States."

Have agreed as follows:

Article I

The Convention shall terminate when all Contracting Parties have deposited an instrument of acceptance of the Protocol with the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Article II

Instruments of acceptance of this Protocol shall be deposited with the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, who shall inform the Governments of the Contracting Parties of the deposit thereof and the entry into force of this Protocol.

Article III

This Protocol shall be open for signature by the Government of any State represented at the Conference which adopted the Protocol, or by the Government of any other State which is a member of the International Commission for the Southeast Atlantic Fisheries, until the thirtieth of November one thousand nine hundred and ninety.

DONE AT Madrid, this nineteenth day of July one thousand nine hundred and ninety, in a single copy in the English, French and Spanish languages, each