Amendments To The Plant Protection Agreement For The Asia And Pacific Region (including the People’s Republic of China in the definition of the Region - Art.1a)

Filename: 1983-AmendmentA-1956-AsiaPacificPlantProtectionCommission.EN.txt

Amendments to Articles I(a) of the Plant Protection Agreement for the Asia and Pacific Region of 27 February 1956

Source:, downloaded 20100610

Following is text of revised Article I(a):

Article I


In this Agreement and in the appendices hereto, the following terms shall have the meaning hereby assigned to them, save as otherwise provided:

(a) The Asia and Pacific Region, hereinafter called "The Region" comprises all territories in Asia, east of the western boundary of Pakistan and of the western boundary of China and south of the northern boundary of China and west of the eastern boundary of China, together with all those territories in the Pacific Ocean, the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean situated wholly or partly in the area bounded by longitude 100deg. East, latitude 45deg. South, longitude 130deg. West, latitude 38deg. North to the point of its intersection with the eastern coast of China.