Protocol Of Signature To The Agreement Concerning The International Commission For The Protection Of The Rhine Against Pollution

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At the time of signature of the Agreement concerning the International Commission for the protection of the Rhine against pollution, the Contracting Parties agree as follows:

Ad Article 2. paragraph 1 (a):

For all research carried out in accordance with Article 2, paragraph 1 (a) the Commission shall decide on the purpose and importance of such research in accordance with the provisions of Article 6. Any such research shall, in principle, be carried out by the appropriate national organizations.

Ad Article 4 paragraph 1:

The term of the first chairman shall expire at the end of the third calendar year beginning after the entry into force of this Agreement.

Ad Article 8:

The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany proposes to the Commission that the scientific institution provided in Article 8 should be an independent technical Secretariat set up at the Federal Institute of Hydrology of Coblenz. This Secretariat would be responsible in its work only to the Commission's authority and would receive the Commission's instructions through the Chairman. The Secretariat shall, taking into account Article 2 and the addendum to this article, support the working groups provided in Article 7 and the appropriate national organizations in carrying out their research and putting it to use. It shall in particular, publish the reports of the Commission. Each Contracting Party may at any time send delegates to the Secretariat to report on its activity and eventually to participate m Its work.

The Contracting Parties agree that their representatives in the Commission shall, within two months of the entry into force of the Agreement, accept for a period of five years the offer of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.

They agree that the Commission may, by resolution, extend the term of the Institute of Coblenz, or choose another organization or take any other decision.

Ad Article 10:

The collaboration provided for in Article 10 shall specifically be instituted with the International Commissions for the protection of the Moselle, the Sarre and the Lake of Constance as well as with the Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine; the first objective should be a regular and complete exchange of information.

Ad Article 12 paragraph 2:

The distribution provided in Article 12, paragraph 2, shall not apply to expenses concerning measures proposed, in accordance with Article 2, paragraph 1 (b), for the protection of the Rhine.

Done at Berne, 29 April 1963.