Agreement On Environmental Cooperation Between Canada And Mexico

Filename: 1990-EnvironmentalCooperationCanadaMexico.EN.txt

Agreement On Environmental Cooperation Between The Government Of Canada And The United Mexican States

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The Government of Canada and the Government of The United Mexican States (The Parties);

RECOGNIZING the global character of important environmental problems;

CONVINCED that it is in the interest of all States to pursue policies toward sustainable development,

CONVINCED also that environmental cooperation between States is of mutual benefit at the national, regional and international level;

CONSCIOUS of the need for enhanced co-operation with respect to migratory species of great interest to both States, and

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT that environmental policies require the development and implementation of environmental protection and control measures based on research and environmental monitoring;

HAVE AGREED as follows:


The Parties shall maintain and expand bilateral co-operation in the field of environmental matters on the bases of equality and mutual benefit, with due respect for and taking into account their differences in relative development and their respective environmental policies.


The Parties agree that such co-operation may include the following:

a) atmospheric environment issues, including climate change and its impacts acid rains atmospheric ozone and air pollution; meteorology and climatology;

b) protection of marine and freshwater ecosystems;

c) prevention of surface water and groundwater pollution;

d) protection and conservation of ecosystems, particularly protected natural areas, the habitats, flora and fauna at risk, with emphasis on migratory species;

e) the management and disposal of industrial wastes, and the life cycle management of toxic and harmful chemical substances, as well as the prohibition of transboundary movements of such wastes and substances banned by law;

f) technologies that promote environmental quality and mitigate environmental damage;

g) environmental monitoring and methods for the assessment of environmental quality;

h) environmental problems related to other areas including agriculture, livestock management forests and tourism;

i) environmental contingency planning and emergency response

j) the interrelationship between environment and development;

k) ecological planning and environmental impact assessment;

l) environmental training and education;

m) the identification and treatment of environmental issues that affect or may affect the region to which the Parties belong. Co-operation may be extended to other areas of common interests.


Forms of co-operation on matters indicated in Article II may include:

a) exchange of information on policies, management regulation, socio-economic implications and important environmental studies;

b) joint projects, exchange of experts, technicians and students, bilateral meetings and symposia, joint publications, as well as economic and other forms of co-operation.


Expenses related to the foregoing shall be determined and apportioned by mutual agreement. Co-operation activities carried out pursuant to this Agreement shall be subject to the laws and regulations of the parties when undertaken in their respective territories.


The Department of the Environment of Canada, and the Secretaria de Desarrollo Urbano y Ecología of Mexico, shall be the respective National Co-ordinators responsible for establishing and developing programs of work resulting from this Agreement. The National Co-ordinators shall also be responsible for coordinating the involvement of other appropriate organizations (governmental, academic or other).


The Parties may enter into such further Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding or Arrangements, pursuant to this Agreement, as they see fit to advance co-operation with respect to the subjects listed in Article II.


The entry into force of this Agreement shall be confirmed by an exchange of notes between the Parties, through diplomatic channels, which shall specify the effective date of entry into force and shall remain in force for a period of four years. It shall subsequently be renewed automatically for successive periods of four years unless terminated by either Party not later than twelve months before the expiration of the initial term or of any of the subsequent renewals. The termination of the Agreement shall not affect the validity of specific Agrooments, Memoranda of Understanding or Arrangements concluded pursuant to it, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties.


This Agreement may be amended by agreement of the Parties. All such amendments shall be confirmed by an exchange of notes between the Parties, through diplomatic channels, which shall specify the effective date of such amendments.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

DONE at Mexico City this 16th day of March 1990, in two originals, each in the English, French and Spanish languages the texts in each of the three languages having equal authenticity.