Performance Indicator Data

"Performance data" refers to datasets that can be used to assess the influence of IEAs. They consist of country-year data on the behavior or environmental quality targeted by the IEA. Datasets can be accessed through the "External" links; local copies are available for when links become outdated or datasets are removed from the web.

  • To identify specific Agreements related to a given dataset, click on the appropriate LINEAGE link.
  • Original Data FILE links are copies of the original source data kept on the IEA server to maintain copies when URLs change or data is deleted.
  • Original Data LINKS go directly to the original source for the data provided here.
  • For environmental performance indicator datasets not yet linked to specific agreements, click here.
  • For NON-environmental indicator datasets (economic, demographic, etc.) that may be useful in an analysis, click here.
  • Reformatted data in a standard Excel format designed by the IEA Project to increase compatibility across datasets will be made available soon.
Lineage Dataset Namesort descending Variables Included Year Coverage Countries Original Data File Original Data Link
NAMMCO Mammals (Marine) - Ringed Seals - North Atlantic Ringed Seal catch 1994-1999 NAMMCORingedSeals1994-1999Data.pdf External Website
NAMMCO Mammals (Marine) - Walrus - North Atlantic Walrus catch 1994-2001 NAMMCOWalrus1994-2001Data.pdf External Website
NAMMCO Mammals (Marine) - Whales - Global - Prior to 1976 Global whale catches by country and species, 1919-1976 1910-1998 Global Whale.Antarctic.PreMoratorium.Data.mht External Website
NAMMCO Mammals (Marine) - Whales - Global - Since 1986 Global whale catchs by country and species, 1985-2006 1985-2006 Global Whale.Antarctic.PostMoratorium.Data.pdf External Website
NAMMCO Mammals (Marine) - Whales - Global - Source: Global and Antarctic whale catchs by species (blue, fin, humpback, sei, minke, sperm, bryde, right, gray, bottlenose, bowhead) 1910-2009 Global Whale.Global.Summary.Data1.mht External Website
NAMMCO Mammals (Marine) - Whales, Beluga - North Atlantic Beluga Whale catch 1992-2002 NAMMCOBelugaWhales1992-2002Data.pdf External Website
NAMMCO Mammals (Marine) - Whales, Fin - North Atlantic Fin Whale catch 1983-2002 NAMMCOFinWhales1983-2002Data.pdf External Website
NAMMCO Mammals (Marine) - Whales, Minke - North Atlantic Minke Whale catch 1978-1999 NAMMCOMinkeWhales1978-1999Data.pdf External Website
NAMMCO Mammals (Marine) - Whales, Pilot - North Atlantic Pilot Whale catch 1978-1999 NAMMCOPilotWhales1978-1999Data.pdf External Website