Long 7960

No membership source has been identified for this agreement.

CountryYearMembership Status
Cote d'Ivoire20070
Cote d'Ivoire20080
Cote d'Ivoire20090
Cote d'Ivoire20100
Cote d'Ivoire20110
Cote d'Ivoire20120
Cote d'Ivoire20130
Cote d'Ivoire20140
Cote d'Ivoire20150
Cote d'Ivoire20160
Cote d'Ivoire20170
Cote d'Ivoire20180
Cote d'Ivoire20190
Cote d'Ivoire20200
European Union20070
European Union20080
European Union20090
European Union20100
European Union20110
European Union20120
European Union20130
European Union20140
European Union20150
European Union20160
European Union20170
European Union20180
European Union20190
European Union20200

Membership status is coded as follows:

  • Countries listed are those that have signed and/or ratified the IEA in question.
  • Legend:
    • 0 (pink): Signer: country signed but did not ratify IEA. Status is 0 for all countries until IEA enters into force.
    • 1 (yellow): Ratifier: country signed and ratified IEA but IEA had not entered into force. Status is 1 for countries that have ratified until IEA enters into force.
    • 2 (green):Member: country signed and ratified IEA and IEA has entered into force for that country.
    • Ratifier row is count of states that have ratified.
    • Membership row is count (not sum) of members.
  • If membership data source lacks entry into force date, membership is inferred from year of ratification, if that year occurs after entry into force year of IEA.
  • Status can return to 0 if an IEA is terminated or if a country withdraws. In rare cases, countries later re-join IEAs, with their status returning to 2.
  • Action tab: membership by Action, Country, Year, Month, Day.
  • Wide tab: Annual status data (countries as rows, years as columns).
  • Long tab: Annual status data in Stata format (Country, Year, Membership Status).