MEAs to which Faeroe Islands has taken membership actions

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Summary Statistics

Actions taken on 5 Agreements including:
3 Signatures
2 Ratification, Accession, Succession, or Similars
4 Entry Into Forces
1 Withdrawal or Similars
mitch_id Agreement Signature Inclusion Agreement Name Agreement Termination (if any) Signatures Ratifications (or similar) Entry into force 1st Withdrawal (or similar) Rejoining after 1st withdrawal 2nd Withdrawal (or similar) Rejoining after 2nd withdrawal Entry Into Force (Tacit Acceptance) - Objection Entry Into Force (Tacit Acceptance) - Removal of Objection
2617 1945-10-16 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Constitution Of The Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations (IEA ID# 2617) 2007-11-17
2680 1959-01-24 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Convention (IEA ID# 2680) 1982-03-17 1960-7-14 1963-6-27 1983-11-1
3119 1992-04-09 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Agreement On Cooperation In Research, Conservation And Management Of Marine Mammals In The North Atlantic (IEA ID# 3119) 1992-4-9 1992-7-8
3241 1996-05-06 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Protocol On The Conservation Rational Utilization And Management Of Norwegian Spring Spawning Herring (Atlanto-Scandian Herring) In The Northeast Atlantic (IEA ID# 3241) 1996-5-6 1996-5-6 1997-1-1
5006 2013-05-15 MEA - Multilateral Environmental Agreements Agreement on Cooperation on Marine Oil Pollution, Preparedness and Response in the Arctic (IEA ID# 5006) 2013-5-15