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Paragraphs in "Amendment to the Agreement On The Network Of Aquaculture Centres In Asia And The Pacific" coded as DEFN

Label Provision
Art.2 Article 2
Art.2.1x For the purpose of this Agreement:
Art.2.1x.ax Aquaculture means the farming of aquatic organisms.
Art.2.1x.bx Donor Government means a government, other than a Member Government, which makes a substantial contribution to the activities of the Organization and has concluded an agreement pursuant to Article 15 of this Agreement.
Art.2.1x.cx Member means a government which is a contracting party to this Agreement.
Art.2.1x.dx National Centre means an aquaculture institution designated by a Member to serve as national focal point for linkage with NACA.
Art.2.1x.ex Organization means the Organization for the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia and the Pacific (NACA).
Art.2.1x.fx Regional centre means an aquaculture institution in the Asia-Pacific region selected by the Members to serve as a lead centre to share in the regional activities and responsibilities of NACA.