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Paragraphs in "Amendment to the Agreement On The Network Of Aquaculture Centres In Asia And The Pacific" coded as DESCR

Label Provision
Pre.2 CONSCIOUS of the paramount importance of fisheries as an essential sector of development in the Asia-Pacific region;
Pre.3 RECOGNIZING that aquaculture plays a vital role in the promotion and better use of fishery resources;
Pre.4 RECOGNIZING that the establishment and maintenance of a network of aquaculture centres in the region can make a significant contribution to the development of aquaculture;
Pre.5 CONSIDERING that the success of such a network will depend largely on close regional cooperation;
Pre.6 CONSIDERING that cooperation in this field can best be achieved through the establishment of an intergovernmental organization carrying out its activities in collaboration with other governments as well as organizations and institutions that may be able to provide financial and technical support;
Pre.7 HAVE AGREED as follows: