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Paragraphs in "Amendment To The Convention Relating To The Creation Of The Gambia River Basin Development Organization (Adhesion of Guinée-Bissau)" coded as FINAD

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Art.1 Article l.
Art.1.1x There is hereby created a Joint Organisation of Co-operation for the Development of the Gambia River Basin, whose headquarters shall be located at Kaolack in the Republic of Senegal. It can be transferred to any other location by a decision of the Heads of State and Government.
Art.1.1x.ax This Organisation is charged with the responsibility:
Art.1.1x.ax.1 (1) To apply the Convention relating to the status of the River Gambia.
Art.1.1x.ax.2 (2) To promote and to co-ordinate the studies and works for the development of the Gambia River Basin within the national territories of the member States of the organization.
Art.1.1x.ax.3 (3) To execute such technical and economic projects as the member States would wish to assign to it. In order to realize this objective, the Organisation may receive donations, obtain loans and launch appeals for technical assistance with the consent of the Council of Ministers.
Art.8 Article 8
Art.8.1 (1) The Council of Ministers shall consist of a single Minister representing each member State. The Ministers may be accompanied by members of their respective governments.
Art.8.2 (2) The Council of Ministers shall define the general policies for the development of the Gambia River Basin, for the utilisation of its resources and for co-operation between contracting States and shall exercise overall control of the Organisation.
Art.8.3 (3) The Council of Ministers may create any new organs which it deems necessary for the proper functioning of the Organisation.
Art.8.4 (4) The order of priority of projects for the development and exploitation of the resources of the Gambia River shall be determined by the Council of Ministers.
Art.8.5 (5) River basin development programmes which are of interest to one or more member States shall be submitted for the approval of the Council of Ministers prior to execution.
Art.8.6 (6) The Council of Ministers shall decide the work programme of the Organisation and shall approve its operating budget, deciding the financial contributions of each member State thereto.
Art.8.7 (7) The decisions of the Council of Ministers shall be taken unanimously and shall be binding on all member States.
Art.8.8x The Council of Ministers shall approve the internal regulations of the High Commission .
Art.13 Article 13.
Art.13.1x The High Commissioner of the Organisation shall be responsible for the financial operations of the Organisation notably its operating budget, its study and its construction budgets.
Art.20 Article 20.
Art.20.1x The operating budget, the implementation budgets of the Organisation shall be paid for by member States and from all other resources, either internal or obtained from external sources by the Council of Ministers.