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Paragraphs in "Amendment To The Convention Relating To The Creation Of The Gambia River Basin Development Organization (Adhesion of Guinée-Bissau)" coded as FINPR

Label Provision
Art.1 Article l.
Art.1.1x There is hereby created a Joint Organisation of Co-operation for the Development of the Gambia River Basin, whose headquarters shall be located at Kaolack in the Republic of Senegal. It can be transferred to any other location by a decision of the Heads of State and Government.
Art.1.1x.ax This Organisation is charged with the responsibility:
Art.1.1x.ax.1 (1) To apply the Convention relating to the status of the River Gambia.
Art.1.1x.ax.2 (2) To promote and to co-ordinate the studies and works for the development of the Gambia River Basin within the national territories of the member States of the organization.
Art.1.1x.ax.3 (3) To execute such technical and economic projects as the member States would wish to assign to it. In order to realize this objective, the Organisation may receive donations, obtain loans and launch appeals for technical assistance with the consent of the Council of Ministers.
Art.15 Article 15.
Art.15.1x The High Commissioner may be charged by one or more member States to find funds for the implementation of programmes connected with the development of the Gambia River Basin.