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Paragraphs in "Amendment To The Convention Relating To The Creation Of The Gambia River Basin Development Organization (Adhesion of Guinée-Bissau)" coded as HOBS

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Art.1 Article l.
Art.1.1x There is hereby created a Joint Organisation of Co-operation for the Development of the Gambia River Basin, whose headquarters shall be located at Kaolack in the Republic of Senegal. It can be transferred to any other location by a decision of the Heads of State and Government.
Art.1.1x.ax This Organisation is charged with the responsibility:
Art.1.1x.ax.1 (1) To apply the Convention relating to the status of the River Gambia.
Art.1.1x.ax.2 (2) To promote and to co-ordinate the studies and works for the development of the Gambia River Basin within the national territories of the member States of the organization.
Art.1.1x.ax.3 (3) To execute such technical and economic projects as the member States would wish to assign to it. In order to realize this objective, the Organisation may receive donations, obtain loans and launch appeals for technical assistance with the consent of the Council of Ministers.
Art.3 Article 3.
Art.3.0x The permanent bodies of the Organisation for the Development of the Gambia River Basin shall be:
Art.3.1 1. The Conference of Heads of State and Government
Art.3.2 2. The Council of Ministers
Art.3.3 3. The High Commission
Art.3.4 4. The Permanent Water Commission
Art.3.5 5. Such other organs which may be deemed necessary for the realisation of the programme of the Organisation.
Art.4 Article 4.
Art.4.1x The Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Organisation shall be the supreme organ of the Organisation. It shall define the policies of co-operation and development of the Organisation. It shall take decisions concerning the political, economic, and general interests of the Organisation and all decisions relating to its objectives.
Art.5 Article 5.
Art.5.1x The Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Organisation shall hold its ordinary session once a year. It may be convened into an extraordinary session on the initiative of its Chairman or at the request of a member State.
Art.5.2x Decisions shall be taken by the unanimous vote of all members.
Art.6 Article 6.
Art.6.1x The decisions adopted by the Conference shall be binding on all member States, who are obliged to see to their implementation.
Art.7 Article 7.
Art.7.1x The Chairmanship of the Conference of Heads of State and Government shall be in rotation and shall last for two years for each Head of State and Government.
Art.18 Article 18 [2]
Art.18.1x The Secretary General, Directors and Advisers shall be appointed by the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of the High Commissioner. Their functions shall be terminated in like manner.
Art.18.2x The Secretary General, who is senior in rank to the Directors, shall act for the High Commissioner in the event of absence or indisposibility.
Art.18.3x The Secretary General and Directors, aside from their attributions, shall assume the following functions:
Art.18.3x.i - the complete briefing of the High Commissioner on the running of the services;
Art.18.3x.ii #NAME?
Art.21 Article 21.
Art.21.1x Any riparian State of the River Gambia may join the Organisation. To this effect it shall address a written request to the State retaining the instruments of ratification, who will inform the other member States.