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Paragraphs in "Amendments to the Convention On The Protection Of The Marine Environment Of The Baltic Sea Area (Annex IV; Regulations 4-13)" coded as DEFN

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Art.2 Article 2
Art.2.0x For the purposes of this Convention:
Art.2.1 1. "Pollution" means introduction by man, directly or indirectly, of substances or energy into the sea, including estuaries, which are liable to create hazards to human health, to harm living resources and marine ecosystems, to cause hindrance to legitimate uses of the sea including fishing, to impair the quality for use of sea water, and to lead to a reduction of amenities;
Art.2.2 2. "Pollution from land-based sources" means pollution of the sea by point or diffuse inputs from all sources on land reaching the sea waterborne, airborne or directly from the coast. It includes pollution from any deliberate disposal under the seabed with access from land by tunnel, pipeline or other means;
Art.2.3 3. "Ship" means a vessel of any type whatsoever operating in the marine environment and includes hydrofoil boats, air-cushion vehicles, submersibles, floating craft and fixed or floating platforms;
Art.2.4.a 4. a) "Dumping" means:
Art.2.4.a.i i) any deliberate disposal at sea or into the seabed of wastes or other matter f rom ships, other man-made structures at sea or aircraft;
Art.2.4.a.ii ii) any deliberate disposal at sea of ships, other man-made structures at sea or aircraft;
Art.2.4.b b) "Dumping" does not include:
Art.2.4.b.i i) the disposal at sea of wastes or other matter incidental to, or derived from the normal operations of ships, other man-made structures at sea or aircraft and their equipment, other than wastes or other matter transported by or to ships, other man-made structures at sea or aircraft, operating for the purpose of disposal of such matter or derived from the treatment of such wastes or other matter on such ships, structures or aircraft;
Art.2.4.b.ii ii) placement of matter for a purpose other than the mere disposal thereof, provided that such placement is not contrary to the aims of the present Convention;
Art.2.5 5. "Incineration" means the deliberate combustion of wastes or other matter at sea for the purpose of their thermal destruction. Activities incidental to the normal operation of ships or other man-made structures are excluded from the scope of this definition;
Art.2.6 6. "Oil" means petroleum in any form including crude oil, fuel oil, sludge, oil refuse and refined products;
Art.2.7 7. "Harmful substance" means any substance, which, if introduced into the sea, is liable to cause pollution;
Art.2.8 8. "Hazardous substance" means any harmful substance which due to its intrinsic properties is persistent, toxic or liable to bio-accumulate;
Art.2.9 9. "Pollution incident" means an occurrence or series of occurrences having the same origin, which results or may result in a discharge of oil or other harmful substances and which poses or may pose a threat to the marine environment of the Baltic Sea or to the coastline or related interests of one or more Contracting Parties, and which requires emergency actions or other immediate response;
Art.2.10 10. "Regional economic integration organization" means any organization constituted by sovereign states, to which their member states have transferred competence in respect of matters governed by this Convention, including the competence to enter into international agreements in respect of these matters;
Art.2.11 11. The "Commission" means the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission referred to in Article 19.