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Paragraphs in "Amendments to the Convention On The Protection Of The Marine Environment Of The Baltic Sea Area (Annex IV; Regulations 4-13)" coded as FINAD

Label Provision
Art.22 Article 22
Art.22.1 1. The Commission shall adopt its Financial Rules.
Art.22.2 2. The Commission shall adopt an annual or biennial budget of proposed expenditures and consider budget estimates for the fiscal period following thereafter.
Art.22.3 3. The total amount of the budget, including any supplementary budget adopted by the Commission shall be contributed by the Contracting Parties other than the European Economic Community, in equal parts, unless unanimously decided otherwise by the Commission.
Art.22.4 4. The European Economic Community shall contribute no more than 2.5% of the administrative costs to the budget.
Art.22.5 5. Each Contracting Party shall pay the expenses related to the participation in the Commission of its representatives, experts and advisers.