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Paragraphs in "Amendments to the Convention On The Protection Of The Marine Environment Of The Baltic Sea Area (Annex IV; Regulations 4-13)" coded as HOBS

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Art.19 Article 19 Commission
Art.19.1 1. The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, referred to as "the Commission", is established for the purposes of this Convention.
Art.19.2 2. The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, established pursuant to the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area of 1974, shall be the Commission.
Art.19.3 3. The chairmanship of the Commission shall be given to each Contracting Party in turn in alphabetical order of the names of the Contracting Parties in the English language. The Chairman shall serve for a period of two years, and cannot during the period of chairmanship serve as a representative of the Contracting Party holding the chairmanship. Should the chairman fail to complete his term, the Contracting Party holding the chairmanship shall nominate a successor to remain in office until the term of that Contracting Party expires.
Art.19.4 4. Meetings of the Commission shall be held at least once a year upon convocation by the Chairman. Extraordinary meetings shall, upon the request of any Contracting Party endorsed by another Contracting Party, be convened by the Chairman to be held as soon as possible, however, not later than ninety days after the date of submission of the request.
Art.19.5 5. Unless otherwise provided under this Convention, the Commission shall take its decisions unanimously.
Art.21 Article 21
Art.21.1 1. The working language of the Commission shall be English.
Art.21.2 2. The Commission shall adopt its Rules of Procedure.
Art.21.3 3. The office of the Commission, known as "the Secretariat", shall be in Helsinki.
Art.21.4 4. The Commission shall appoint an Executive Secretary and make provisions for the appointment of such other personnel as may be necessary, and determine the duties, terms and conditions of service of the Executive Secretary.
Art.21.5 5. The Executive Secretary shall be the chief administrative official of the Commission and shall perform the functions that are necessary for the administration of this Convention, the work of the Commission and other tasks entrusted to the Executive Secretary by the Commission and its Rules of Procedure.
Art.23 Article 23 Right to vote
Art.23.1 1. Except as provided for in Paragraph 2 of this Article, each Contracting Party shall have one vote in the Commission.
Art.23.2 2. The European Economic Community and any other regional economic integration organization, in matters within their competence, shall exercise their right to vote with a number of votes equal to the number of their member states which are Contracting Parties to this Convention. Such organizations shall not exercise their right to vote if their member states exercise theirs, and vice versa.