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Paragraphs in "Amendments To The Convention For The Establishment Of The European And Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization" coded as HOBS

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Art.1 Article I - Aims
Art.1.1x There shall be established a European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (hereinafter referred to as the Organization), as a recognized regional plant protection organization under the International Plant Protection Convention, established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) (FN: Article VIII of the International Plant Protection Convention of 1951-12-06; Article IX of the new revised text of the International Plant Protection Convention as approved by Resolution 12/ 97 of the Twenty-Ninth Session of the FAO Conference in 1997-11).
Art.1.2x The aims of the Organization are:
Art.1.a a. to support the Member Governments in their aim of assuring plant health, while preserving human and animal health and the environment;
Art.1.b b. to pursue and develop, by cooperation between the Member Governments, the protection of plants and plant products against pests and the prevention of their international spread and especially their introduction into endangered areas;
Art.1.c c. to develop internationally harmonized phytosanitary and other official plant protection measures and, as appropriate, to elaborate standards to that effect;
Art.1.d d. to present the collective views of the Member Governments, as appropriate, to FAO, WTO, other regional plant protection organizations and any other bodies with related responsibilities.
Art.3 Article III. – Membership
Art.3.a a. Membership of the Organization shall be open to the following by adherence to the present Convention according to the provisions of Article XX:
Art.3.a.1 1. the Governments of the countries in Schedule II;
Art.3.a.2 2. the Government of any other country which the Council of the Organization may decide to invite to become a Member.
Art.3.b b. The Government of any territory about which a declaration has been made under the terms of Article XXI may be admitted to membership by the Council of the Organization, but only on the proposal of the Member who made the declaration. Any such decision shall require a two-thirds majority of the votes cast. Territories so admitted shall be such as can in the opinion of the Council make a definite and individual contribution to the work of the Organization.
Art.4 Article IV. – Seat
Art.4.a a. The seat of the Organization shall be in Paris.
Art.4.b b. The administrative meetings of the Organization shall normally take place at its seat.
Art.8 Article Vlll. -Structure of the Organization
Art.8.1x The Organization shall consist of:
Art.8.1x.a a. the Council;
Art.8.1x.b b. the administration, comprising the Executive Committee, the Director-General and the staff;
Art.8.1x.c c. the Accounts Verification Panel;
Art.8.1x.d d. such bodies as Council may decide to set up under Article XIII a.
Art.9 Article IX. -The Council
Art.9.a a. The Council of the Organization shall consist of representatives of Member Governments. Each Member Government shall be entitled to appoint one representative to the Council and one alternate. Representatives and alternates appointed by Member Governments may be accompanied by associates and advisers.
Art.9.b b. Each Member Government shall have one vote in the Council.
Art.10 Article X. -Sessions of the Council
Art.10.a a. The Council shall ordinarily meet in regular session once in each year.
Art.10.b b. Extraordinary sessions of the Council shall be called at any time when the Chairman is so requested in writing by at least one third of the Member Governments.
Art.11 Article XI. –Rules
Art.11.ax Council shall establish the Rules of Procedure of the Organization and the Financial Rules of the Organization.
Art.12 Article XII. –Observers
Art.12.ax With the consent of the Council, any non-member Government and any intergovernmental body whose responsibilities are related to those of the Organization may be represented at any session of the Council by one or more observers without the right to vote.
Art.14 Article XIV. -Chairman and Vice-Chairman
Art.14.a a. The Council shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman from amongst representatives of Member Governments.
Art.14.b b. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall be elected for a period of three years and be re-eligible for one further term of office.
Art.14.c c. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall serve in the same capacity within both the Council and the Executive Committee.
Art.14.d d. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman shall cease to represent their countries on election.