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Paragraphs in "Amendments To The Convention For The Establishment Of The European And Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization" coded as INFO

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Art.1.d d. to present the collective views of the Member Governments, as appropriate, to FAO, WTO, other regional plant protection organizations and any other bodies with related responsibilities.
Art.4.1.b b) the distribution of information within the country regarding the pests and diseases of plants and plant products and the means of their prevention and control;
Art.6.2.a a) Contracting Governments shall not, under this plant protection legislation, take any of the measures specified in paragraph 1 of this Article unless such measures are made necessary by phytosanitary considerations.
Art.6.2.b b) If a contracting Government prescribes any restrictions or requirements concerning the importation of plants and plant products into its territories, it shall publish the restrictions or requirements and communicate them immediately to the plant protection services of other contracting Governments and to FAO.
Art.6.2.c c) If a contracting Government prohibits, under the provisions of its plant protection legislation, the importation of any plants or plant products, it shall publish its decision with reasons and shall immediately inform the plant protection services of other contracting Governments and FAO.
Art.6.2.d d) If a contracting Government requires consignment of particular products to be imported only through specified points of entry, such points shall be so selected as not unnecessarily to impede international commerce. The contracting Government shall publish a list of such points of entry and communicate it to the plant protection services of other contracting Governments and to FAO. Such restrictions on points of entry shall not be made unless the plants or plant products concerned are required to be accompanied by phytosanitary certificates or to be submitted to inspection or treatment.
Art.6.2.e e) Any inspection by the plant protection service of a contracting Government of consignments of plants offered for importation shall take place as promptly as possible with due regard to the perishability of the plants concerned. If any consignment is found not to conform to the requirements of the plant protection legislation of the importing country, the plant protection service of the exporting country shall be informed. If the consignment is destroyed, in whole or in part, an official report shall be forwarded immediately to the plant protection service of the exporting country.
Art.5.e e. to facilitate cooperation in research on pests and the methods of control and in the exchange of relevant scientific information;
Art.5.f f. to disseminate information by
Art.7.1x.a a) Each contracting Government agrees to co-operate with FAO in the establishment of a world reporting service on plant diseases and pests, making full use of the facilities and services of existing organizations for this purpose, and, when this is established, to furnish to FAO periodically the following information:
Art.6.a a. Member Governments shall furnish to the Organization so far as is practicable such information as the Organization may reasonably require in order to carry out its functions, including in particular the information referred to in Article V f1 and V f2.
Art.9.2 2. The Director-General of FAO shall thereupon, after consultation with the Governments concerned, appoint a committee of experts which shall include representatives of those Governments. This committee shall consider the question in dispute, taking into account all documents and other forms of evidence submitted by the Governments concerned. This committee shall submit a report to the Director-General of FAO who shall transmit it to the Governments concerned, and to other contracting Governments.
Art.16.d d. submit the draft budget and the annual accounts and balance sheet to the Council; the Executive Committee may approve a provisional budget pending its consideration by the Council;
Art.17.c c. report at each regular session of the Council on the activity of the Organization and the financial position.
Art.18.k k. The Accounts Verification Panel shall each year examine, with the auditor, the accounts and management of the Organization and report to the Council.