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Paragraphs in "Amendments To The Convention For The Establishment Of The European And Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization" coded as SCOP

Label Provision
Art.2 Article II SCOPE
Art.2.1 1. For the purposes of this Convention the term "plant" shall comprise living plants and parts thereof, including seeds in so far as the supervision of their importation under Article VI of the Convention or the issue of phytosanitary certificates in respect of them under Articles IV( 1), (a) (iv) and V of this Convention may be deemed necessary by contracting Governments; and the term "plant products" shall comprise unmanufactured and milled material of plant origin, including seeds in so far as they are not included in the term "plants".
Art.2.2 2. The provisions of this Convention may be deemed by contracting Governments to extend to storage places, containers, conveyances, packing material and accompanying media of all sorts including soil involved in the international transportation of plants and plant products.
Art.2.3 3. This Convention shall have particular reference to pests and diseases of importance to international trade.