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Paragraphs in "Amendments To The Convention For The Establishment Of The European And Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization" coded as SECS

Label Provision
Art.13 Article XIII. -Functions of Council
Art.13.0x The Council shall:
Art.13.a a. consider and decide upon:
Art.13.a.1 1. the progress report of the Director-General on the work of the Organization since the preceding regular session of the Council;
Art.13.a.2 2. the policies and programme of activity of the Organization;
Art.13.a.3 3. the budget;
Art.13.a.4 4. the annual accounts and balance sheet;
Art.13.a.5 5. the setting up and dissolution of ad hoc or permanent bodies to pursue the work of the Organization;
Art.13.a.6 6. the reports of such bodies;
Art.13.a.7 7. any proposals submitted by the Executive Committee;
Art.13.b b. hold the statutory elections;
Art.13.c c. appoint the Director-General on such terms as it may determine.
Art.17 Article XVII. -The Director-General
Art.17.0x The Director-General shall:
Art.17.a a. be the head of the secretariat of the Organization, which functions under his responsibility;
Art.17.b b. carry out the programme approved by the Council and such tasks as may be entrusted to him by the Executive Committee;
Art.17.c c. report at each regular session of the Council on the activity of the Organization and the financial position.