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Paragraphs in "Tripartite Interim Agreement Between The Republic Of Mozambique And The Republic Of South Africa And The Kingdom Of Swaziland For Cooperation On The Protection And Sustainable Utilization Of The Water Resources Of The Incomati And Maputo Watercourses" coded as ATTACH

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Art.7.3 (3) In pursuing the objective of this Article, the Parties shall follow the flow regimes stipulated in Annex I as determined according to Article 9.
Art.7.4 (4) In further pursuance of the objective of this Article the Parties disclose in Annex II their intentions of developing new projects that fall outside the scope of Annex I during the period of validity of this Agreement.
Art.9.1 (1) The agreed flow regime of the Incomati watercourse is contained in Annex I, which complements the flow regime as determined in the Piggs Peak Agreement, and the agreed flow regime of the Maputo watercourse is contained in the same Annex.
Art.9.2 (2) Any abstraction of waters from the Incomati or Maputo watercourses, regardless of the use or geographic destination of such waters, shall be in conformity with the flow regimes of Annex I and relevant provisions of this Agreement and its Annexes.
Art.9.3 (3) The Parties have considered the following criteria in establishing the flow regimes contained in Annex I:
Art.9.5 (5) The additional water requirements of the city of Maputo, for which additional water must be secured, have been reserved in Annex I.
Art.13.1 (1) Planned measures listed in Annex II, regardless of their location, that by themselves or by accumulation with the existing ones, have the potential of a significant transboundary impact on the watercourse, shall not commence before the provisions of Article 4(1) of the Protocol are complied with.
Art.13.2 (2) Whenever, a planned measure, not listed in Annex II, is likely to cause a significant transboundary impact or any of the Parties expresses concern that such may occur, it shall not commence before the provisions of Article 4(1) of the Protocol are complied with.
Art.16.1x The Annexes are an integral part of this Agreement. Annexes I, II, III, IV and V can be modified by a decision of the Ministers upon recommendation by the TPTC.
Art.17.1x The stipulations of existing bilateral and trilateral agreements among the Parties concerning the present subject (Annex IV) will remain in force as far as they are not in conflict with this Agreement.
Art.18.2 (2) This Agreement shall remain in force until 2010 or until superseded for the relevant watercourse by comprehensive water agreements on the Incomati and Maputo watercourses supported by joint studies, whichever is the earlier. The Parties shall adhere to the time frames set out in Annex V.